Jack learns paw-shakin’!

So proud of my son, Jackson Neal, and his new paw-shaking learned trick! He was great and now shakes on-command but this was not easy for him. Touching his paws has been nearly off-limits after he experienced a terrible nail-trim at PetSmart where they cut his nails too short and made him bleed and in great, obvious, pain. Ever since Brandee and I have been working with him constantly to…

January 18

Room 237 (Movie)

I was just going to ignore this commentary of Stanley Kubrick’s films called “Room 237” but I just can’t.  For your sake! Don’t ever watch this garbage unless you are the type into far-reaching conspiracy theories that have no, or very little, basis for facts. I am a huge fan of Stanley including The Shining, and much of his work, but this dude that made this commentary puts him on…

October 15

Cat Cake and Dog Cake for Brandee’s birthday

Brandee and I spent the last two wonderful days creating two cakes.  The inspirational theme was our animals, Bella the Cat and Jackson the Dog.  Bella’s cat cake is entitled: “Happy Furr-Day” and Jack’s dog cake is entitled” “Happy Bark-Day”. Below is a slideshow and a video of the wackiness!  Hover your mouse over the image below to navigate the photos.   IMG_0746 (QuickTime format video)

December 25

Welcome to the Neal-Land Zoo

Misty was a beautiful calico cat that came to Brandee and I around the year 2000. Misty’s history is a bit unknown but as far as we could put together she was well cared for during a long period of time until we were blessed with her presence. Our best guess is that she lived a wonderful 22 years. Most of Misty’s previous history before she came to us was…

March 15