Ella and The Hand

Ella September Neal
October 6

Ella and The Hand I don’t know why but I’m feeling a strong desire to write this simple message of appreciation for someone that will read this message. Recently I went on a routine business trip for only two days. While I sincerely enjoyed my trip, meeting new people and getting business done; I missed my wife and our five furry children more than ever. And, frankly, the biggest highlight…


Summertime blues with Bella

August 20

Hey Honey-Baby, We miss you like crazy. Bella, we miss your sweet personality. We miss your prissy-attitude. We miss your overall demeanor and presence. You were such a large part of our daily lives for nearly 15 years. Summertime used to feel so energetic, fun and exciting with you. Somehow your positive feline-spirit shined thru and we had fantastic times. This summer has been different though. It’s been a difficult…


Bella Letter to Heaven, 06/05/2017

Hey Baby, Mom, Bubby and I miss you a ton! We are trying to move-on as a family but it’s just not there without you right now. It’s very difficult. As you know we adopted two sissies a few weeks ago and I’m glad to provide them a home. Yet, I have to be honest that no matter how much love they bring to this household, they cannot fill the…

June 4

Rejoicing Bella’s terrific legacy on Memorial Day weekend 2017

May 27

Today, May 27th, 2017 is a bittersweet reflection for Brandee, Jackson and I. This day, one month ago, our beloved sweetie, Baby Bella, went to Pet Heaven. We are so happy that she is pain-free again, has regained her youthful spirit and is among great dearly passed friends and family at Rainbow Bridge. This is not a sad time; yet it is a time to celebrate a great life and…