My first trip to Moscow

I made my first business trip to Moscow a few weeks ago.  It was a remarkable experience and it’s always very interesting for me to indulge in different countries and cultures. Traveling internationally has a great way to put things into perspective.  The world is a very big place, but at the core “people are people”.  What people want is to live, work and be in peace.  We all have…

April 30

Print and Document Services

I have seen this role in Windows Server 2008 R2 before but I never dug too deep into the functionality.  I want to post this photo then I will investigate. Here is one more I will investigate.  Handwriting Recogntion.

April 24

Capture: The ideal application for Cloud

Capture:  The ideal application for Cloud As I was brainstorming on a topic to write for this blog, I was inspired by Bob Larrivee’s latest AIIM community blog entitled “It Came From The Cloud” ( where he asked some simple, yet thought-provoking questions.  So this begs the question why anyone would resist such obvious benefits of “cloud” (  I’m sure there are many legitimate concerns and issues but I would…

April 11

Economies of scale: Cloud processing

Economies of scale:  Cloud processing Document Capture technology has been available for many years and is a proven method to decrease operational costs and improve business efficiency.  However, this technology has traditionally been expensive to purchase, implement and deploy. In organizations, small or large, Information Technology systems are comprised of similar components:  Hardware, software and services.  The emergence of Cloud Computing offers a new method to provide workers with technology…

April 9