Black Sabbath – SAP Center, February 9, 2016

February 10

Note: All credit for this article is attributed to Jim Harrington ********* Review: Black Sabbath delivers powerful farewell Ozzy Osbourne stalked the stage with manic delight. Tony Iommi burned through one face-melting guitar lead after another. And Geezer Butler’s basslines were as heavy as heavy can be. It was a thing of thundering beauty, made all that more poignant by the knowledge that there won’t be many more opportunities to…


Roadtrip(s) – Q1’16

February 9

What a crazy past few weeks this has been!  It’s been an interesting time of change that has encompassed a full-range of emotions from professional enthusiasm to personal reflection. First of all I would like to thank my wonderful wife for her terrific support and patience. Our life this past month has consisted of lots of car travel, hotel rooms and many other impromptu activities. From a personal reflection standpoint it’s…