Jack, Gracie and Bleu updates, 5/28/2017

The last three weeks have been interesting in the Neal household; to say the least. Jack, Brandee and I had been leading a relatively normal life just enjoying our freedom. And then we got insane! Yep, we rescued a puppy and kitten from the local animal shelter. Meet Gracie (puppy) and Bleu (kitten).   Jackson Update First of all, my best boy, Jackson, deserves the most credit for being the…

May 28

Introducing Graciela “Gracie” Dawn Neal

Brandee wrote this wonderful introduction of our new baby at the Neal home, Gracie Neal. Hi, folks! My name is Gracie and I am 6 months old. I am part Dachshund and part Chihuahua. Mom says I am all doxy except for my amazing ears and long legs. A nice lady found me wondering in East San Jose, and called the ASPCA. They picked me up, took me in for…

May 13

2023 “compartmentalization” Year End Recap

December 31

2023 was the year that ‘was’. In other words, it just happened for me and 365 days later, life status for me has barely changed, but also, it has changed a whole lot. How’s that for a confusing Kevin Neal-ism? Let me explain. The year of 2023 was a year, for me personally, of few signification life events that I can recall. This is certainly not a bad thing, not…


J.C. is the blessing we never imagined

J.C. (Just Cat)
October 20

Brandee and I continue to be amazed daily, how lucky we are to have been able to re-home my mom’s cat, J.C.  J.C. (“Just Cat”) truly is a remarkable gift from God that came to us in uncertain times, but has worked out the best. For those who might not have been following the story, Brandee and I already had four adopted animals with our two dogs of Gracie and…


Ella and The Hand

Ella September Neal
October 6

Ella and The Hand I don’t know why but I’m feeling a strong desire to write this simple message of appreciation for someone that will read this message. Recently I went on a routine business trip for only two days. While I sincerely enjoyed my trip, meeting new people and getting business done; I missed my wife and our five furry children more than ever. And, frankly, the biggest highlight…