Eugene (“Gene”) Latimer 1916 – 2013

May 24

Eugene Latimer, born Sept. 23, 1916, was raised in a small community south of Sallisaw called Brent, OK. He graduated from Sallisaw High School and attended and played baseball for Connors State College in Warner. He later signed up for NYA (National Youth Administration), a WPA project where he served as president of the student body.


Frankie-the-frustrated worker dealing with lack of direct Line of Business integration and Manual Data Entry

For this particular blog post I would like to use a light-hearted approach to a major problem.  The problem is lost productivity and user frustration around populating data into Line of Business applications via Manual Data Entry versus Automation. To illustrate my point let’s take one of the most popular Software as a Service (SaaS) applications ever,  And while the application is absolutely simple to use and easy to…

May 13

Crossing the ECM/Capture Chasm – ‘This is the Renaissance’

May 10

Marc Benioff, CEO, has been famously quoted on his opinion of cloud computing in terms of saturation-point, as well as technology innovation, for a viable business model. “This is the heyday of the Cloud. This is the Renaissance. We are in the Great Time. ” …and he continues…  “So we’re still at the very, very beginning. We are in the first innings of Cloud Computing. This is still the Renaissance. ”…


12/12/12 (2012) – Movie Review

May 4

‘Holy Moly’ is all I can say!  This was truly one for the ages.  Brandee and I were Netflix’in for something to watch other than Columbo.  It wasn’t that we don’t like Columbo – if fact just the opposite but for whatever reason Netflix only has a total of 32 of these episodes to watch???  So since we only have one more unwatched Columbo we decided to save that one…


The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

It was one of those ‘wanna watch a mindless, senseless, rather-obvious plot’-type kinda of movie day so we decided to stream Netflix and watch ‘the pumpkin Karver.  I absolutely hit the jackpot with this one and got exactly what I expected! Not only was the plot as obvious as a North Korean ‘democratic’ election but the mindlessness and senselessness of the movie was purely awesomeness. Other than the fact that…

May 3