2023 “compartmentalization” Year End Recap

December 31

2023 was the year that ‘was’. In other words, it just happened for me and 365 days later, life status for me has barely changed, but also, it has changed a whole lot. How’s that for a confusing Kevin Neal-ism? Let me explain. The year of 2023 was a year, for me personally, of few signification life events that I can recall. This is certainly not a bad thing, not…


J.C. is the blessing we never imagined

J.C. (Just Cat)
October 20

Brandee and I continue to be amazed daily, how lucky we are to have been able to re-home my mom’s cat, J.C.  J.C. (“Just Cat”) truly is a remarkable gift from God that came to us in uncertain times, but has worked out the best. For those who might not have been following the story, Brandee and I already had four adopted animals with our two dogs of Gracie and…


Neal Family Barnhouse Update, 07/29/2023

July 29

It’s been awhile since our kids latest update, so here goes: Bleu-Berry! Bleu, is our wonderful chill baby. She is a 6-year old rescue kitty and her days are spent mostly sleeping and minding her own business. Bleu is mostly active at night where she likes to cuddle with Mommy and be a big baby. She is strong as an ox with a great personality. Bleu is strong as an…


Losing a Mom, gaining a Brother

July 9

Wow, it’s been a loooonggg time since I’ve provided an update on my blog. I promised to be a regular ‘poster’ when I originally started this blog, and I was pretty good in the early years but, as life would have it, ‘things happen’. I enjoy writing, sharing, and getting feedback tremendously but recently I’ve been so busy pushing out business content that I allowed writing for me personally to…


Cloud Storage Cyber Security for the price of a Cup of Coffee

December 15

Do you think that having an enterprise-grade cloud storage cyber security system is expensive? Think again because this level of access to some of the most sophisticated cyber security technology can cost less than a cup of Coffee. Like most of you when I hear such a claim of incredible availability to a product or service for this sort of an unbelievable affordable cost, I would naturally be suspicious. For…