Bleu-Berry update, 9/8/2017

Bella’s passing, honestly, is still raw with Brandee, Jack and I and this is no kidding. Five months later and we still miss our little sweet Bellaringa; and will miss her forever I’m sure. She is the greatest but it’s heartening to know that her wonderful legacy lives on! However, today’s blog is about a Bleu update. It’s very difficult to share updates about Bleu, as much as I would…

September 8

Jack, Gracie and Bleu updates, 5/28/2017

The last three weeks have been interesting in the Neal household; to say the least. Jack, Brandee and I had been leading a relatively normal life just enjoying our freedom. And then we got insane! Yep, we rescued a puppy and kitten from the local animal shelter. Meet Gracie (puppy) and Bleu (kitten).   Jackson Update First of all, my best boy, Jackson, deserves the most credit for being the…

May 28

Bleu Neal

Brandee wrote the below beautiful article introducing the latest addition to the Neal family household, Bleu Neal. Hello world! My name is Bleu. I am a 5 week old Striped Tabby. As of this morning, I weigh 1 pound and 4 oz. Mom is making sure I am gaining normally and my stitches are healing properly from my spay surgery. Daddy is spoiling me, and making sure I get plenty…

May 13

Neal Family Barnhouse Update, 07/29/2023

July 29

It’s been awhile since our kids latest update, so here goes: Bleu-Berry! Bleu, is our wonderful chill baby. She is a 6-year old rescue kitty and her days are spent mostly sleeping and minding her own business. Bleu is mostly active at night where she likes to cuddle with Mommy and be a big baby. She is strong as an ox with a great personality. Bleu is strong as an…


Losing a Mom, gaining a Brother

July 9

Wow, it’s been a loooonggg time since I’ve provided an update on my blog. I promised to be a regular ‘poster’ when I originally started this blog, and I was pretty good in the early years but, as life would have it, ‘things happen’. I enjoy writing, sharing, and getting feedback tremendously but recently I’ve been so busy pushing out business content that I allowed writing for me personally to…