Japanese Raumen Museum

Today, 4/25/2014, another busy but great trip to Japan is ‘in the books’ as they say.  All that’s left is a short walk to the train station, a 1 ½ hour express train ride to the airport, a few hours of waiting and then a joyous 10 hour flight home. This is the part of traveling to Japan that gets particularly interesting.  It’s basically Groundhog Day where I get to…

April 27

Kevin’s Birthday Surprise 2014

Kevin’s Birthday Surprise 2014 So Brandee decided to sweep me away recently for my birthday.  When it comes to birthday time I usually get grouchy because, after-all, what’s the point of aging another year without any tangible benefits? Basically between the age of 21 (when you can legally drink) and the age of 65/67-ish (when you can supposedly collect your retirement money) then what’s the use of growing older? Nevertheless,…

April 5