Room 237 (Movie)

I was just going to ignore this commentary of Stanley Kubrick’s films called “Room 237” but I just can’t.  For your sake! Don’t ever watch this garbage unless you are the type into far-reaching conspiracy theories that have no, or very little, basis for facts. I am a huge fan of Stanley including The Shining, and much of his work, but this dude that made this commentary puts him on…

October 15

Stanford football 10/5/13

Another year of successful Stanford football is in the books! Yesterday the guys and I packed the supplies, met at our usual rendezvous point and then caravanned on up to “The Farm” (a.k.a. Stanford Stadium) for our annual event.  I’m not sure exactly how many years I have been personally attending but it’s quite a few (between 6-7 is my guess) and overall this group, or various renditions of the…

October 6

Capture begins with process

Capture begins with process As a prelude to an upcoming series of blog posts I will be posting on the topic of “Building an effective capture solution” I wanted to preface these posts and focus on the question of ‘where do I start if I want to build an effective capture solution?’. More education, less self promotion With information capture being such an obvious way to decrease operational costs, increase…

October 3