Fun in the Sun & The “BurritoZilla”!

April 23

This weekend was fun. It’s the first signs of Spring coming and the weather is wonderful. Saturday was probably around the low-80’s at the high and Sunday was even better in the low-90’s is my best meteorological guess. Saturday we went out to get some household essentials but also some plants and herbs. Although we picked up a few herb plants, some of the stuff we want is a bit…


Why a network scanner?

I often get asked this question so I decided to consolidate some of the compelling reasons organizations should consider dedicated network scanners: Dedicated use device for scanning documents • No need to wait for the copy machine to become free for use • Versatile functionality without compromise of added complexity • Advanced scanning functions performed transparent to user • Ability to preview images before sending to destinations • Simple operation…

April 10

Kevin, meet East Coast – East Coast, meet Kevin

April 4

“Whew!!!” is about all the energy I have to say right now. The last month has been extremely busy for me with a full load of business travel. It’s all good and each trip has been rewarding and been extremely productive however I am human, after-all, and it’s grueling to keep a schedule like this. While some people might think this is glamorous to travel the country; I am simply…