James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steeler great linebacker) retires

One of my all-time modern day (2014) Pittsburgh Steelers players announced his retirement today, August 30, 2014. He did it in-class just as he had done his entire career.  He played hard, loved his team and teammates.  However, it was clearly obvious that he loved the Steelers fans the most and the feeling is certainly reciprocated. His own words are more perfect than anything I can write so here is…

August 30

Summer Breeze in Japan

Japan in the summer When it takes half-a-day of travel (~12 hours) to get somewhere, and half-a-day of travel back (~10 hours because of a nice tail-wind) there must be lessons-learned and experiences to share.  Taking into account the obvious items such as the travel itself and those experiences, there is always something particularly special when traveling to Japan.  This week I was fortunate to travel to the great country…

August 2

Rush – Their debut album

Rush recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Rush’, as well as their first tour to promote the album.  In honor of such a great memory for this fantastic band I offer my review of Rush:                           Prelude to Rush album The self-entitled album, Rush, released on March 1, 1974 is still my personal favorite Rush…

August 1