Summer Breeze in Japan

Japan in the summer

jal001When it takes half-a-day of travel (~12 hours) to get somewhere, and half-a-day of travel back (~10 hours because of a nice tail-wind) there must be lessons-learned and experiences to share.  Taking into account the obvious items such as the travel itself and those experiences, there is always something particularly special when traveling to Japan.  This week I was fortunate to travel to the great country of Japan again, and in particular the Yokohama area.  The fantastic Japanese spirit is so infectious that I wish to share with everyone reading this message.

My Colleagues

handshake-iconFirst, and foremost, I should acknowledge my fantastic co-workers.  They are simply the best; period!  They make every trip to Japan work so smoothly and they are the team the truly makes everything successful.  The cooperation and teamwork among the team is fantastic.  I am so grateful to work with such a talented and gracious team.

Lesson Learned
The weather.  The Lesson Learned is that in the summer time period in Japan make sure “Cool Biz” ( is acceptable.  It basically means that in hot weather, shirts with short-sleeves or other comfortable clothing is acceptable in these conditions.  Cool Biz serves a few important purposes.  First, it allows workers to be comfortable during their work.  Second, Cool Biz helps conserve energy due to less demand on air conditioning in the aggregate of all businesses.


g311206ps3It’s unbelievable but every visit to Japan is a culinary delight because of the incredibly diverse food items available in Japan.  It might be assumed that every Japanese meal might be Sushi but that is really not the case.  With nearly all meals you have a choice of conservative food, moderate food, or extreme food.

I enjoyed two especially memorable dinners for this quick trip and one was to Korean BBQ and the other was to Yakitori.  For Korean BBQ it’s basically a do-it-yourself type dining.  They bring various meat and vegetable items and you BBQ them yourself.  It’s quite fun even though you do a majority of the work!  We had a great time and these types of experiences always produce great memories.

Also, for this particular trip we were treated to Yakitori ( which is everything Chicken!  It was so delicious and such a fabulous experience.  Again, there were many great memories created at this dinner while we consumed everything Chicken!gdr1600ps1


Of all the segments of Food, Lesson Learned and My Colleagues in my most recent trip to Japan there is a clear winner.  That is My Colleagues.  Clearly, without a doubt.



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