Bella’s injury Sept-14

When I started my blog in 2009 I made a personal commitment to share my life.  The Good, The Bad and some of The Ugly. While I’ve shared many of ‘The Goods’ there must be balance so I would like to share a recent scary recent experience with our cat (aka ‘daughter’), Bella Neal. First of all, I would like to announce that she seems well on her way…

September 28

Cat Cake and Dog Cake for Brandee’s birthday

Brandee and I spent the last two wonderful days creating two cakes.  The inspirational theme was our animals, Bella the Cat and Jackson the Dog.  Bella’s cat cake is entitled: “Happy Furr-Day” and Jack’s dog cake is entitled” “Happy Bark-Day”. Below is a slideshow and a video of the wackiness!  Hover your mouse over the image below to navigate the photos.   IMG_0746 (QuickTime format video)

December 25

Welcome to the Neal-Land Zoo

Misty was a beautiful calico cat that came to Brandee and I around the year 2000. Misty’s history is a bit unknown but as far as we could put together she was well cared for during a long period of time until we were blessed with her presence. Our best guess is that she lived a wonderful 22 years. Most of Misty’s previous history before she came to us was…

March 15