Bella Legacy

May 22nd, 2017

To: Our best daughter and sister

From: Daddy and Jackson

Re: Bella Legacy


Dear Sweet Baby,

I write this letter on behalf of Jack and myself because we want to be absolutely clear in our message. While our house is full of new energy and happiness with Bleu and Gracie for sure this, by no means possible, is a replacement for you. We miss you so much.

Ever since you went to Pet Heaven I have been paying extra special attention to Jackson; and he needs it. Although your new sissies provide both Jack and I enjoyment, honestly, it’s still a tough adjustment. It’s clear to both Jack and I that there is no replacing you, and that was never the intention; as you well know. Brandee and I are happy to provide a home for needy animals and so proud to do-so. However, your legacy is strong, as it should-be.

Speaking of your legacy, there are several things that are constant reminders of you that give Jack and I such heart-warming memories.

First, every time Bleu comes flying off of your cat-activity and lands with a thump on the floor both bubby and I have an instinctive reaction to look for you.

Secondly, as often as we can, bub and I lay down on the floor and cuddle together. It’s a bit of comfort knowing that we got to cuddle with you so often. I, as well as Mommy, know for sure that the last few months with you were so very special. It was so great to see you and Mommy bond so closely in such unfortunate circumstances.

Sissy, you are the best and I want you to know that Jackson and I really care for you baby. We miss you but know you are in such a precious place at Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again; forever.

Love you so much,

Bubby and Daddy

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