Struggle to adjust without Bella

June 25th, 2017

Dear Sweet Baby Bella,

It’s been two months since you went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge and our missing you is more painful than ever. We love you.

As you know we have two new additions to the family with Bleu and Gracie, and we love them dearly, but there just isn’t a strong bond with them yet; to be very honest. At least for me personally. I feel this awful guilt and something just isn’t natural at this point. Maybe, over time, we will feel more comfortable together. I just don’t know.

Your bub, Jack, seems to be of the same opinion based on his body language. He seems somewhat withdrawn and stubborn recently. It could be from the summer heat and desire to lounge around in the air-conditioned house, but I truly feel that he misses you as badly as I do. It’s truly painful.

Jack and I spend so many private, special moments together and that’s really wonderful. I sneak him food and give him lots of extra special attention. I talk with him and try to explain things as best as I can. He is such a perfect guy that we cannot love him enough.

Sweet Bella, I’m going to change my Facebook logo today from your beautiful picture today and I feel an awful guilt about doing-so but I hope you can understand. I will rotate images of your beauty in your great honor just as I have with Misty.



Life Updates 7/2/2016

Bella’s Shave

As an annual ritual, and for Bella’s comfort, comes her yearly summer-shave. It’s quite a remarkable transition. Bella, with all her furr, weighs just over 7 total pounds. So she’s extremely tiny to begin-with. After shaved I can’t imagine that she weighs in excess of 6 pounds!

She is so little but she is in wonderful health. She eats, drinks, terrorizes (her Mommy, Daddy and Brother) and most importantly, poops really well for her 13 years.

bella1 bella2 bella3








Jack’s Walks

Jackson certainly loves his walks. Anytime he hears the word “walk” his ears get perky, his tail gets waggy and he heads to the front door in great anticipation of his upcoming adventure. As much fun that Jack has during his walks the fact of the matter is that it’s more fun for me to watch him be so happy. I personally get more satisfaction from our walks then he does I bet.

Jack I have been taking more frequent walks and general late at night or early morning. Jack is a very social guy but he tends to get over-exuberant with other dogs so it’s best that other dogs aren’t around for his walks. When I walk him at these off-hours it allows me to let him run freely in our local park which he loves.

Just this morning Jack and I walked all around the park and the baseball fields. It was awesome!

jack1 jack2 jack3







Pool Open

It’s that time of year, once again, for Brandee and I to open our pool. With temperatures predicated to approach 100+ degrees in the next few weeks, a nice refreshing dip in the pool is required.

Fortunately, I think many years of experience really paid-off for us this year. Typically opening the pool was a real mess for many reasons including a poor pool cover or lack of filtering. It was traditionally a mess and took weeks before the pool was ready for action.

This year was exceptional because we did things right and it only took a few days to prepare the pool for action. Firstly, the cover we used this year was outstanding and kept all the nasty/wintery junk away! Also, after opening we have a strong filter and bottom-sweeping tools.

So we are ready for action and we welcome anyone who would like to come take a dip!

pool1 pool2 pool3