Law Cypress BBQ 2015

Dear Law Cypress friends and family,

Please take a moment to vote in this poll so that we can get everything arranged for our BBQ event:

If you are interested in reading about 2014’s event then please go here:

Or, leave a comment below:

Comments or questions are welcome.

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  1. Hey Mike, thanks for your message. It sounds like you are busy with lots of ‘new’ things so it’s certainly understandable for you to miss this year. Next year we are counting on you though with your new son and wife! Congratulations on all-things-new :-).

  2. Hey Kevin. This was a lot of fun last year and I hope it works out for more people this year. I’ve got a new baby, new job and won’t be able to get away from home for a while as my wife needs me to baby sit whenever I’m not working so she can get homework done. I hope to be there in 2016 with my new son and wife.

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