Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)I’ve been a casual “Apes” fan for decades but never truly a hard-core fan because of the mindless plots or poor costumes that were obviously fake.  They were always entertaining for me a bit but I quickly got bored with most of the movies of series.

However, I found this movie entertaining and surprisingly well-written.  In particular, the acting with the human lead characters and especially the “Apes” was moving.  The main “Ape” character was named Cesar and he was raised from birth to live with humans.  The human that raised him worked for a company called Gen-Sys.  Gen-Sys was testing some form of new drug on the effects to increase intelligence and energy among animals, including humans and Apes, obviously.  Cesar was a calm and cool character until one of the ‘handlers’ in the Ape-exhibit, that he was sent to after attacking a human, started mis-treating the animals by provoking them and sticking them with electric cattle-type prods.  This human he attacked was sort of a mis-understanding that I won’t detail in this blog post so you can watch, and or read it, for yourself if you are interested.

What I particularly enjoyed about this movie was how Cesar didn’t rush into the ultimate confrontation with the humans, which you knew would be eventually inevitable.  He took his time to slowly, yet surely, recruit his fellow Apes for the revolt.  One of his main allies in the revolt was a large orange orangutan who also knew sign-language just like Cesar did.  It was cool that although Cesar was clearly smarter than all the other Apes, he was careful to take time to get them involved when they were finally ready for action.  For example, he was feeding them chocolate chip cookies to gain their trust at one point.

In summary, both my wife and I found Cesar inspirational.  It was just a fun story.

“Cesar is home” was the last phrase of the movie and then Cesar went and blended into the San Francisco Bay Area forest.

The movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) was worthy of 7 Steelers Stars, in my humble opinion!

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