Jackson’s grief for his Sissy

May 6th, 2017

Friends and Family,

Brandee and I know that our beautiful canine son, Jackson, is in mourning over the loss of his wonderful feline sister, Bella, a few days ago. Bella and Jack were such a perfect match. They loved each other so much.

Since Bella left and went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge on 4/27/2017, living in the Neal House has been painful (to be very honest) because we are all missing Bella so much. Brandee, Jack and I loved (and still love; and will forever love our perfect baby), Bella with all our hearts and it really hurts not to have her with us now.

While I can feel my personal pain, and Brandee can express her feelings in words I understand, unfortunately Jack cannot express his feelings in words. All we can try to do is take note of his body language and attitude. Both of which are pitiful recently. He certainly is mourning and missing his sister; without a doubt.



While we know that Jack has always been treated well in the Neal household, Brandee and I have made a commitment to dedicate extra special attention to Jack. We are showering him with compliments and more generous heaps of special loving. He deserves it because he’s always been such a good boy and we know that these past few days have been especially difficult for him without his Sissy around the house.

In fact, this afternoon I took Mr. Jackson Neal on a Saturday afternoon car ride just for the heck of it. I made some excuse to Brandee that I was going to pick up take-out sandwiches for dinner at a local shop but, the truth of the matter is that, I just wanted to spend some time with my most best son ever, Jackson VonHeffington (which is our affectionate name for him). He was so excited to get in the car for the ride. I rolled down all the windows, opened the sun roof, cranked the music and then we headed out on our journey. He stuck his snout out of the right window first, then the left window next and then alternating left-and-right windows for the rest of the trip. It was so much fun Daddy and Son time! I think he really enjoyed himself.

So, it’s Jack’s World and he’s in charge know matter what. We will spoil him rotten and this is just how it’s going to be.



Mr. Jackson VonHeffinington Neal has always been the epitome of a perfect son to Brandee and I.  We could not ever imagine having such a perfectly handsome dude and we are so grateful for him. An exceptionally wonderful character-trait of Jack is his instinctive care for cats. It’s a strange behavior for a large dog, typically, and maybe I think that living his whole life with Bella gave him perspective that the feline species wasn’t all that bad. In fact, Brandee and I know for a fact that Jack and Bella were the best of friends. They were, and will be, the best brother and sister combination, eventually, at Rainbow Bridge forever!

Jack and Bella shared so many wonderful memories together that are absolutely beautiful. He misses his sister immensely but I’m sure that he has some comfort knowing that her broken body is now pain-free and she is frolicking and playing among great family and friends waiting for him at Rainbow Bridge.

When each of our time comes (and it’s God’s will), one thing that I will seriously look forward to is having Jack and Bella reunited as Bubby and Sissy – like it should be forever and eternity.




Jack and Bella sleeping together, April 2017

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