book coverThere is a wonderful book I’ve read entitled “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies”.

This is a book primarily about traditional old-school business marketing tactics in the 1950’s-80’s. Of course these were times way before e-mail, social media and cell phones. The main theme of the book was how corporations could portray an image, dictate a message or influence an agenda because they could send a broadcast message to many people. This was the philosophy of a one-to-many broadcast message. There was no opposition or feedback to the message because there was no means to opine.

one to manyHowever, it was more than a business message that was important in this book. The message is also implies how in our everyday lives, that Groundswell among common people can truly have a voice. It was a message about the Groundswell of an average person’s voice, and listening carefully, that can be so powerful. It was about the voice of real people’s feedback and the importance there-of.

This was an era where advertising to consumers was somewhat new. This was an era in which large corporations could influence public opinion because there were no means for the average-person to express a voice, get organized easily or opine at all.

Boy, have times changed; and for the better.

feedback loopWe; meaning you and I, and nearly everyone with an internet connection is empowered to have a voice and be part of a Groundswell.

As everyone reading this message will surely know, you are empowered as never before to express an opinion, share a thought and communicate freely with others like never before.

Technology affords us this incredible opportunity. Let me provide a few specific examples of Personal Groundswell.


Examples of Personal Groundswell’s:

News Message Boards:

message boardI absolutely love reading the comments sections, especially the political commentaries recently, on certain news message boards. In particular when I read an article that has so much biased towards a particular cause or purpose. The Groundswell of people that can read right thru such garbage is very refreshing to me. It’s a testament to the fact that the American public isn’t as stupid as the establishment might think propecia canada.

Social Media:

social mediaI won’t even write much here because I’m certain that everyone reading this article is aware of the powerful nature of social media, for right or wrong. Whether you think social media is good or bad, we certainly must agree that even if used for bad purposes, the Groundswell to instantly communicate an opinion is powerful. Then, in contrary, a positive message can also be easily shared.

In summary, the point is that, like never before, little people have a huge voice. Express your opinion, be yourself and participate in Groundswell’s because your individual voice is more important than any amount of corporate marketing.

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