Condolence Card from LAVC to sweet Bella

May 18th, 2017 To: Sweet Hunny Baby Bella From: Your extended family at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic (LAVC) Re: Condolence Card from LAVC   Dear my best girl of all-time, I write you this letter on behalf of your great extended family. This is the wonderfully beautiful family at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic (LAVC). They were such a terrific group of people to you and I know you loved them…

May 18

Letter to Pet Heaven for Baby Bella, 5/13/17

May 13th, 2017   Dear Sweet Baby Bella, We miss you more than ever.  The emptiness of missing you is like a kick to the gut, frankly. Mommy, Daddy and Bubby Love you forever until we see you at Rainbow Bridge again. My honey-baby, we have rescued two younger siblings for you.  By no means are these two animal-rescue babies meant to be replacements for you. No way!  Brandee and…

May 13

14 years of Bella Summers

May 4th, 2017 Dear my sweetest forever daughter, little-itty-baby Bella, It’s not even been a week since you became pain-free and went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge, however, it feels like you’ve been away for infinity. Brandee, Jack and I miss you to pieces, selfishly, yet we are at-ease knowing that you are in such a wonderful place among so many long-lost family and friends. I have some updates…

May 4

Letter to pet heaven in care of Isabella Annamarie Neal

April 27th, 2017 To: The Rainbow Bridge, Pet Heaven c/o: Isabella Annamarie Neal   From: Your loving Mommy, Daddy and Brother   Dear Bella-Ringa, You are such a beloved daughter to Brandee and I, as well as a wonderful sister to your younger brother, Jackson. We trust that your lovely spirit has made the well-deserved safe passage to the most beautiful pet heaven one could ever imagine called The Rainbow…

April 27