The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

The Pumpkin Karver (2006)It was one of those ‘wanna watch a mindless, senseless, rather-obvious plot’-type kinda of movie day so we decided to stream Netflix and watch ‘the pumpkin Karver.  I absolutely hit the jackpot with this one and got exactly what I expected!

Not only was the plot as obvious as a North Korean ‘democratic’ election but the mindlessness and senselessness of the movie was purely awesomeness.

Other than the fact that I liked watching a spooky Halloween themed flick in the middle of the spring, there was some surprisingly good things about this movie.  This horror film had the standard young ‘cool dudes’ and super ‘hot chicks’ for the actors so that wasn’t all bad.  There were a few sexy scenes that had me and my wife blushing and if a movie can elicit a emotional reaction that is not violent or destructive then it’s all good in my opinion.

Next, as you can imagine there was a lot of emphasis on the ‘Karver’ part of this movies title.  Not a shocker here that his weapon of choice was a pumpkin carving knife.  The means with which the ‘cool dudes’ and ‘hot chicks’ eventually met their demise was slightly creative in some cases and then utterly lame in others.

Then, while I was just starting to get comfortable with the ‘Karver’s modus operandi then this ‘pumpkin-face wearing guy killing for revenge’-film starts to go all haywire like Brittany Spears did cutting off all her hair by going all sci-fi’y and stuff on me.  Out of nowhere there was electricity flying and dudes with super powers dragging people around and dream sequences.  It was like most of these films where it’s rather clear that the movies budget was expended and they needed to end with a bang!  And they surely did.

Overall not a bad flick IF this is what you are looking for, as I was.  Just the title of the movie or the cover image should be enough of a clue of what you are getting yourself into.  I gave this one an average five out of ten Steelers Stars.


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