14 years of Bella Summers

May 4th, 2017

Dear my sweetest forever daughter, little-itty-baby Bella,

It’s not even been a week since you became pain-free and went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge, however, it feels like you’ve been away for infinity. Brandee, Jack and I miss you to pieces, selfishly, yet we are at-ease knowing that you are in such a wonderful place among so many long-lost family and friends.

I have some updates that I wanted to share with you.



First of all, that crazy bird that comes back every year at this time has returned.  You know, the one that chirps incessantly starting at something like 3am every morning? Yep, it’s THAT one!  As you know I think the reality of the situation is that this is likely either a mating call or that this is a mommy that has just laid some eggs. Because for some miracle after a few months we not only hear this one mommy-chirp, yet rather a whole choirs of little baby-chirps indicating a nest full of tiny birdies.

You see my best orange-fluff ball, I consider these morning times listening to that bird chirp like crazy, and the resulting babies, as “Bella’s Birds” because that is an absolutely beautiful memory of your wonderful spirit. You know; like the morning times when we would always go to the backyard together and pray to the sky of peace and happiness for everyone for every morning.



Honey baby furr-ball-essence, as much as I would like to report that your brother is handling your trip to Rainbow Bridge well, I simply cannot in good conscience. While he is certainly at ease to know that you are pain-free and in such a beautiful place among so many friends and family, the fact of the matter is that he badly misses your physical presence; as do Mommy and Daddy.

Brandee and I are trying to make an extra effort to give bubby more attention but he just seems kinda lethargic overall. I think this is a feeling that not only Jackson, but also Brandee and I are going through this past week where we are simply ‘going thru the motions’. You have been such a positive influence, and central theme, of our family for nearly the past 15 years that Neal Casa is simply empty of energy right now, to be very honest.

Jack wants to send you a message (and please forgive any loss in translation as I’m not fluent in dog-to-English translation).

Hey Sissy!!! Miss you a ton!!! *bark, bark*. Summer time is coming and at least this year you get to avoid your annual shave from the parental units. *bark, bark*

I’m really sad right now without you simply because you are such a great sister and I miss seeing you each day. The house is lonely. The most important thing is your comfort though. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge until we meet again. Daddy will deliver this letter to you in Pet Heaven so that you can get updates on the crazy chirping-birds and other crazy activities here.

Love ya bunches,

Bubby *bark*



Ohhhhh furry-mop of BellaRinga! I peeked-in on bub’s message to you and saw the part about you getting to avoid your annual summer shave. Hopefully you realize that Mommy and Daddy only did this for your personal comfort. Although I have to admit that you always did look so beautifully perfect regardless after your summer-shave after your Summer Shave is did take nearly 5 pounds off of your appearance. Most people would do nearly anything to look as you did, girlfriend!


Overall, and speaking very personally, the absence of your physical presence is most painful for us in the house right now. This is YOUR house and it simply does not feel right without you here. We will be fine in the long run I’m sure and we will move forward, but it will be done in your honor and spirit. Just like the mystery of Misty has a legacy in her own right; you certainly have established an everlasting legacy of Baby-Furr. It’s the most perfect of legacies and I promise to uphold and share your story forever.


Love your perfect purr’s forever,


Life Updates 7/2/2016

Bella’s Shave

As an annual ritual, and for Bella’s comfort, comes her yearly summer-shave. It’s quite a remarkable transition. Bella, with all her furr, weighs just over 7 total pounds. So she’s extremely tiny to begin-with. After shaved I can’t imagine that she weighs in excess of 6 pounds!

She is so little but she is in wonderful health. She eats, drinks, terrorizes (her Mommy, Daddy and Brother) and most importantly, poops really well for her 13 years.

bella1 bella2 bella3








Jack’s Walks

Jackson certainly loves his walks. Anytime he hears the word “walk” his ears get perky, his tail gets waggy and he heads to the front door in great anticipation of his upcoming adventure. As much fun that Jack has during his walks the fact of the matter is that it’s more fun for me to watch him be so happy. I personally get more satisfaction from our walks then he does I bet.

Jack I have been taking more frequent walks and general late at night or early morning. Jack is a very social guy but he tends to get over-exuberant with other dogs so it’s best that other dogs aren’t around for his walks. When I walk him at these off-hours it allows me to let him run freely in our local park which he loves.

Just this morning Jack and I walked all around the park and the baseball fields. It was awesome!

jack1 jack2 jack3







Pool Open

It’s that time of year, once again, for Brandee and I to open our pool. With temperatures predicated to approach 100+ degrees in the next few weeks, a nice refreshing dip in the pool is required.

Fortunately, I think many years of experience really paid-off for us this year. Typically opening the pool was a real mess for many reasons including a poor pool cover or lack of filtering. It was traditionally a mess and took weeks before the pool was ready for action.

This year was exceptional because we did things right and it only took a few days to prepare the pool for action. Firstly, the cover we used this year was outstanding and kept all the nasty/wintery junk away! Also, after opening we have a strong filter and bottom-sweeping tools.

So we are ready for action and we welcome anyone who would like to come take a dip!

pool1 pool2 pool3

A busy 2014 Summer planned

The official start of Summer is still about one and a half months away and Brandee and I already have a full schedule of activities planned. I’m exhausted even thinking about everything, but eagerly anticipating on sharing many great memories with family and friends!


bear_tentFor starters we have LOTS of camping trips planned. As I previously posted last year I introduced camping for the first time to Brandee and Jack last year. Little did I know that I have created a camping-monster! I absolutely love the fact that Brandee is so eager for these camping trips. She already has a few calendar dates committed and has begun recruiting others to join us.

Before these summer camping events start a co-worker of mine had actually planned a Spring time trip coming up this weekend. We invested quite a bit of money into new camping gear last year and we are certain to get a full return on our investment this year http://www.kamagraoraljelly247.com.

BBQ time at Casa Neal

bbqWhile yearly Brandee and I host several BBQ summer events at our home each year we strive to do more because everyone seems to genuinely enjoy themselves. I think this year will be particular fun for several reasons. Number one is that we demolished a useless shed in our backyard that was not only an eye-sore but it took up some much valuable space that we can utilize for other purposes. Now we have a nice area 10”x10” area of concrete to set up chairs to lounge, tables for snacks or other fun purposes.

As most anyone reading this blog knows Brandee is an absolutely wonderful cook and I think the theme of our Casa Neal events this Summer will be ‘celebrate food’, or something to that effect. I will suggest this to her and maybe each event has a different ethnicity of food? I will leave this up to her as she is an excellent planner.

For one of the unique BBQ themes at Casa Neal I’m going to suggest a ‘working BBQ’. I have a vision that a small group spends the afternoon doing a little (very little) work mixed in with a lot of fun and pool-time. It would be a lot of fun for sure.

…..that’s all I have as an update for now folks. I will post another quick-hitter update on our Summer plans soon which will include ‘Hunting with Frank’ and ‘Travel’. Please remember to subscribe to KevinNeal.com updates to be notified immediately of new posts.