The Faculty (1998)

I must admit, this is a film that turned out pretty good for some odd reason.  And please know that when I say ‘good’ it means ‘in comparison to all the other crap I have recently watched’.  You see, on the KevinNeal-O-Meter Movie Rating system it is not easy to get on the ‘good’ rating-scale […]

The Cabin by the Woods (2011)

This was surely “one for the ages”.  The wifey and I decided to order a pay-per-view ‘horror’ movie tonight and just relax.  Cool and cool, and horrific is absolutely what we got! This movie started with no clear plot that I could figure out what-so-ever.  It was just plain gratuitous violence.  Blood and guts, severed […]

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

I’ve been a casual “Apes” fan for decades but never truly a hard-core fan because of the mindless plots or poor costumes that were obviously fake.  They were always entertaining for me a bit but I quickly got bored with most of the movies of series. However, I found this movie entertaining and surprisingly well-written.  […]