Happy Furrth-of-July 2017 to little baby-orange!

Dear honey baby,

This is our first 4th of July without you and it’s really awful. We miss your great spirit and wonderful demeanor. We miss your spunky attitude.

Every day, as I hope you know, I say a special prayer for your safe passage into Pet Heaven and I visit you often. It warms my heart that you are in such a special place among so many great people but it doesn’t lessen the pain of missing you nonetheless.

I can fondly remember such beautiful memories of previous 4th of July events that we spent together. Those were so special and incredible times. I will cherish those precious memories forever. Thank you for being such an absolutely perfect daughter.

Unfortunately, I have bad news to share about bubby but I must share. After another terrible vet-visit to get him sedated for his nails trimming, he had a growth removed which turned out to be cancerous again. He will have surgery soon and we will shower him with love in the interim.

Although our house is full of activity, it still lacks your personality, to be very honest. On this 4th of July holiday I simply hope that you are in comfort in the most wonderful place in the world in Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge. It’s my hope that you can enjoy a pet’s version of BBQ with whatever food of your pleasure.  We miss you baby!!!



Struggle to adjust without Bella

June 25th, 2017

Dear Sweet Baby Bella,

It’s been two months since you went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge and our missing you is more painful than ever. We love you.

As you know we have two new additions to the family with Bleu and Gracie, and we love them dearly, but there just isn’t a strong bond with them yet; to be very honest. At least for me personally. I feel this awful guilt and something just isn’t natural at this point. Maybe, over time, we will feel more comfortable together. I just don’t know.

Your bub, Jack, seems to be of the same opinion based on his body language. He seems somewhat withdrawn and stubborn recently. It could be from the summer heat and desire to lounge around in the air-conditioned house, but I truly feel that he misses you as badly as I do. It’s truly painful.

Jack and I spend so many private, special moments together and that’s really wonderful. I sneak him food and give him lots of extra special attention. I talk with him and try to explain things as best as I can. He is such a perfect guy that we cannot love him enough.

Sweet Bella, I’m going to change my Facebook logo today from your beautiful picture today and I feel an awful guilt about doing-so but I hope you can understand. I will rotate images of your beauty in your great honor just as I have with Misty.



Letter to Baby Furr, 05/16/2017

May 16th, 2017

Hey sweet Baby Bella,

We miss you like crazy but know you are in a great place in Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge.  Everyone has been so considerate and compassionate since you made your journey that Brandee, Jack and I can’t say thanks enough. I hope you know that you have so many friends that care about you that it’s so beautiful.

The house is so empty without you in spite of the youthful energy that Gracie and Bleu contribute. It just doesn’t feel right at this moment; honestly. Maybe, in time, this emptiness will fade but it’s painful. However, we take comfort that you are pain-free and among so many friends and family at Rainbow Bridge.

Jackson misses you tremendously, and this is still very evident. It’s very sad and I cry with him often. We are trying to adjust and he’s doing his best to be an older brother to his two new sissy’s.  Speaking of which….let me provide an update.

Gracie is a handful. She is full of energy and really a great compliment to the house. She keeps your bubby active and healthy. She’s always very playful and we need to keep a close watch on when she’s playing with Bleu. We don’t think that Gracie would intentionally hurt Bleu but Gracie has sharp-teeth and Bleu is so tiny that an accident could happen. It’s just best to be careful until Bleu grows up a bit.

Bleu is a crazy kitty just like you. Also, just like you, she likes to chill in the afternoon and then stay up all night running around the house! She is a pretty kitten and so small. She’s a good sissy for you and I just wish that you could have met. I want to mention that bubby is especially nice to Bleu. He is such a wonderful Bub! Even when Bleu does one of her ‘flying squirrel’ jumps and lands directly in front of his face, he doesn’t snap, he doesn’t growl nor does he pay her any attention frankly.  In fact, the only time he pays attention to Bleu is when Gracie gets a bit aggressive and your Bub jumps-in to save the day for Baby Bleu.

Overall, we are busy trying to make a modified Neal family but it’s really hard without you here. Gracie and Bleu are wonderful but it’s just not the same. Maybe over time I will feel different but this is just how I feel for you. You were, and always are, the best Baby Bella Furrball of all time! I so miss everything we did together from watching the sunrise, to cuddling together and talking crazy stuff.


Love you to the moon and back,

Mommy, Daddy and Buddy

Brandee, Jack and my sweetness girl. Baby-furr!

Letter to pet heaven in care of Isabella Annamarie Neal

April 27th, 2017


The Rainbow Bridge, Pet Heaven

c/o: Isabella Annamarie Neal



Your loving Mommy, Daddy and Brother


Dear Bella-Ringa,

You are such a beloved daughter to Brandee and I, as well as a wonderful sister to your younger brother, Jackson. We trust that your lovely spirit has made the well-deserved safe passage to the most beautiful pet heaven one could ever imagine called The Rainbow Bridge.

While we miss you tremendously since you went to wait for us at Rainbow Bridge on April 27th, 2017, we have much comfort that you are no long in pain. It is comforting to know that at Rainbow Bridge you have great friends, family and a peaceful environment while we wait to see each other again before crossing the bridge together to live for eternity as a family.

The [Rainbow Bridge] story describes a bucolic place “just this side of heaven,” where dogs and cats, bunnies and birds, all live peacefully among the gentle meadows and hills, running and cavorting together in the lush green grass.

They are all young again, in perfect health, and want for nothing – except the humans they loved. One by one, they wait for us at the Bridge, and when our time comes their eyes light up in indescribable joy as we join them, to cross the Rainbow Bridge together.”

Baby-Furr, you provided our family with nearly 15 years of beautiful times, great lifetime memories and your unwavering love. For this, Brandee, Jack and I can never thank you enough.

You entered our lives’ as a scrawny, nearly hair-less, wide-eyed baby at roughly 6 weeks of age. When we first introduced you to our backyard lawn and this thing called ‘grass’ you were frightened beyond belief. Do you remember? After a little time then you became very adjusted to the grass and, in fact, in the warm summer days you would go frolic in the lawn and roll around enjoying the coolness of the grass blades.

In your younger days, you spent much of your time sitting on Brandee’s laptop in our office just watching us work. Remember those nice summer days we spent together working hard together? Do you recall your strange interest in sleeping in Mommy or Daddy’s work chairs in your youth?

After becoming a young-adult, you certainly established your independent spirit that is forever your legacy. Did you know that Mommy setup a Facebook page for you where you became an international sensation with so many people that cared about your every activity? Maybe not since computer keyboards aren’t so conducive for your pretty-paws to type, they are much better for pawtograph’s.

The limited details of your upbringing that Brandee and I hardly even know is that you, as compared to your litter-mates, had to always fight for everything. And this you did well! This includes your early days as a kitten just to get healthy and survive at only a few weeks old. Then you had to fight to protect your naturally-instinctive territory (which was our collective home) where you might get it cat-fights occasionally. Lastly, when Brandee, Jack or I did something awful to you like touch your sensitive-tummy, you would lash-out with a vengeance. Mommy, Daddy and Jack have the scars to prove it! Do you feel that you owe us any apologies? Seriously, none needed, and we now wear these battle scars with as forever memories of your beautiful spunkiness until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

In your seriously rebellious years, you would disappear from dusk ‘till dawn. Mommy and Daddy will never ask wherever, or whatever, you were doing for all these hours each day because you always came home safe to us which was the most important thing in the world to us. Maybe you will share your secret after we all cross Rainbow Bridge together?

Oh, little-baby-furr-of-all-furrs, I will never forget the sweet sounds of Brandee calling you home because it was getting late and nearing your curfew. As you recall, Brandee would go into the backyard, shake a canister of your cat food and bellow, “Here kitty, kitty. Bella, here kitty, kitty. Time to come home.” And, right on cue, you would come prancing like a little princess and have dinner in the house with us.

Bellaringamoskadoody, did you ever really fight hard when we shaved you down like a little lioness for the summertime? We know that you are completely capable of putting up a significant resistance when you wanted to, but you seemed a little tame on these occasions. It seemed that you put-up a fake resistance to us just so that you let us know that you were still the boss. I hope you know Mommy and Daddy only did this for your personal comfort. In fact, we thought you looked quite sexy in your summer outfits.

In your elderly years, Ringin’-of-Rocka, this was actually the most precious of times for me, personally and selfishly. Although you had slowed down to never leave the yard anymore, Brandee, Jack and I got to spend more time with you which was such a precious prize for all of us. Brandee and you became so close that it was absolutely heartwarming to witness. You also were so “cuddly” with Jack and we loved to hold you so tight, so often. It was these past few months of forever moments that I will never forget and that I cherish most.

Our beautiful Bella, in summary, you are terribly missed because you were, and always will be, such an important part of our lives. We have all these questions posed above for you, as well as millions more. Your loving family so much looks forward to the future where we can be with you once again to ask you these questions to your pretty, furry-whiskery face personally as we often did with ‘bella-speak’. It’s such a refreshing thought that eventually we can spend eternity together! We love you SO much for your perfect companionship, wonderful personality as well as spunky spirit.


Love you the most until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge,

Daddy, Mommy and Brother