Jack, Gracie and Bleu updates, 5/28/2017

The last three weeks have been interesting in the Neal household; to say the least.

Jack, Brandee and I had been leading a relatively normal life just enjoying our freedom. And then we got insane! Yep, we rescued a puppy and kitten from the local animal shelter. Meet Gracie (puppy) and Bleu (kitten).


Jackson Update

First of all, my best boy, Jackson, deserves the most credit for being the greatest older bubby to his sissies. Jack was actually a younger bubby with Bella – and she trained him well. Now that Jack is the elder animal he has been such a caring and terrific brother to his two new sisters. Jack, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you that you can’t believe it!


Gracie Update

When Brandee and I thought that we want to bring some energy into the Neal household, we got exactly what we wanted with Graciela. She is every bit of what we had hoped and then-some. Gracie loves to play with both Jack and Bleu but in distinctly different fashions which is interesting to observe.

For example, with Bleu (since she is a small 2 lb. kitten), Gracie is very gentle and cuddly when they play together. It’s amazing to watch these two play together especially since they were rescued/adopted from the same animal shelter on the same day.  It’s almost like they have some sense of a kindred-spirit of sisters. However, when Gracie plays with Jack the ruff-ness (pun intended) is intensified to match his strength. Jack and Gracie love to play tug-of-war with various dog-toys we have. It’s so much fun for us humans to watch but also very healthy for them to play nicely for their body and spirit.

Jack has ‘Gracieusly’ (pun intended again) accepted Gracie as his younger sister well. He has been such a good boy that I can’t be prouder of him.


Bleu Update

Our youngest family member, at only seven weeks old, is Miss Bleu Neal. Although she barely weighs 2 pounds and is just a bit larger than the palm of your hand, she is the one person that rules our house for sure.

One of the most heartwarming things to see is when Bleu and Jack play together. You might think this would be an odd-mix with a 100-lb. dog and 2-lb. kitten but they play together so nicely that it’s beautiful.

Bleu is also extremely attached to her sister, Miss Graciela Neal. This is clearly evident in their many cuddle events or the often-playful fake-fighting sessions they enjoy together. It’s very humorous and highly entertaining.


Fish Update

We have no update other than we are alive and ignored 😊. However, seriously, I love to pay some extra special attention to our two goldfish, two catfish and one algae-eater and they appear to be doing just fine in their large habitat.


Thanks for your time reading this notice from the Neal Family Animal Home,

  • The Neal’s


Considering a Jack companion

May 1st, 2017

Hey Honey Baby-Bella,

We miss you so much that you can’t believe it. The house is so empty without you.

We want to share some updates with you while you wait for us and play at Rainbow Bridge with all our beloved friends and family.

First of all, Jack says he misses his sister tremendously. I actually had to translate into English because his exact words were something like “ruff, ruff, woof, bark, woof, ruff”. He’s continually searching the house for you, but he obviously comes up empty in his search. It’s sad; frankly. Brandee and I are giving him extra-special attention because he deserves it and he’s being as strong as can be expected. We can tell from the look in his eyes, his body behavior and his overall attitude that he deserves a sibling.

Considering a sibling for Jack is in no way ever meant as an intention to replace you; that is never, ever possible in a trillion years. Rather, as Brandee and I have discussed ad nauseam, a sincere effort to enhance Jack’s quality of life. Also, as you certainly can appreciate, our families love for animals is tremendous. If we can help one other animal to have a better life then we want to do this in all sincerity.

Brandee, Jack and I have been so antsy here without you that it’s unbelievable and we want to focus this energy on doing some good. Therefore, we think adoption of a brother or sister for Jackson is the right thing. No way are we going to rush into any unnatural or unconformable adoption because the correct-match must feel right for all of us.

This all said, we have been to two animal shelters on Sunday and today at PetSmart to see who is available for adoption. Brandee and I are very open-minded as to whether Jack would like a feline or canine sibling and we are still 50/50 on the decision. We simply aren’t sure right now. One decision that we did discover was that it’s clear that he needs a younger sibling that he can play with like he did with you. You two were such a great brother/sister duo. I’ve been busy watching videos and reviewing photos of you two playing together and it’s truly heartwarming in this difficult time. Thanks for being such a purr-fect daughter!

As a quick side note I would like to share this quick mention about Brandee’s beautiful character. A result of visiting the animal shelters the past few days is that she had the great fortune to personally meet and get to know a bit of the background stories for several of the animals. Her compassion for wanting to help these animals to get rescued has resulted in her activism. Now she is sharing her experience with these shelter animals (named QUEEN and ROXY, in this particular case) on social media to share awareness in the hopes that someone will consider adoption. I think it’s absolutely wonderful and I’m sure you would agree Baaaabbbbyyyyy-Furr!

Oh, Bella, this is a very major decision for us because if we do adopt then we are fully committed. There are so many considerations, and almost guilt, even considering this so close to your journey to Rainbow Bridge. Please help guide us to make the proper decision whatever it may be.

We love you to forever and back again!!!


Love your forever family,

Kevin, Brandee and Jack