Recovering from my ankle injury

Kevin “walking” at the mall

I continue to make good progress from my ankle injury from last September. I only started driving and walking again about two months ago! It’s really amazing that the human body is so fragile, yet resilient at the same time. I thank God every day for his great blessings and healing. I thank God for the tremendous skill and honesty of the surgeons as well as everyone else that took care of me in those delicate times. The Lord truly does perform miracles.

While I was always confident that I would eventually walk again, as bad as the injury was, I really had no concept of what permanent damage I might have done. Fortunately, the only side effects nine months later are a slight limp, but nothing serious. I do have three, large titanium plates and 14 screws in my ankle that may cause arthritis in the future so I have to be diligent to continue and do a lot of exercise to regain more range-of-motion. Overall this is not a bad condition at all.

A strange side effect is that I enjoy the simple task of standing on my own two feet and I enjoy long walks with no particular destination in mind. I just go and stroll around the flea market, go window-shopping at the local mall or just walk around the house aimlessly. I really do have a greater appreciation for good health.

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