Kevin Neal Life Update 2/26/2017

It’s given me a whole new perspective when people use terms such as “absence makes the heart grow fond” or “you never know what you are missing until it’s gone” because the truth in each statement is so true.

Why? Because every time I hear such a phrase uttered any more I immediately reflect on my wonderful father, Floyd Neal, and his beautiful attitude towards life and family. Dad is such a great man and left an incredible legacy such that the rest of my life, and the sincere passion for which I do things, are a direct result of my promise to him.


Determined Spirit

I have to be honest that although the past holiday season was great with Brandee and my children, there was certainly a void in the enjoyment because I couldn’t speak with Dad. Nevertheless, Dad provides motivation to me on nearly an hourly basis.  Almost every major decision I make these days has a prerequisite of ‘what would Dad do?’. His common sense is such a terrific blessing that I cannot express enough.

I miss talking to him about sports, politics or life in general. He was such a compassionate person with absolute great morality.  I have not been able to talk to him about the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, the surprising election results or the current flood waters in California and it pains me greatly.  But it makes me determined more than ever to make my wonderful Dad so proud of me, my accomplishments and determined spirit to build a great business just like he did.



Get Onboard or Get Left Behind – The Train is Leaving the Station

From a business perspective things are going very well with everything ahead of schedule and below budget. You would think this is great, however my personal involvement requires too much of my time so I have to find a way to delegate and we are working through these challenges now. It’s typical growing pains and to be expected.

This said, I’m a team-player and a very transparent person (as evidence of this life event blog website) so I won’t accept anyone trying to derail my business purpose! Anyone that knows me understands that I am very willing to share whatever knowledge, materials and friendships I can. I am absolutely a pay-it-forward sort of attitude.

In the next month or so you will see some significant announcements of products and services that we have been working on. It’s a very exciting time for me personally to launch the realization of my dream and I encourage anyone interested to contribute. Others that want to suck blood can go pound sand.



Jack and Bella updates

Jack continues to be such a supportive younger brother to his elderly sister, Bella. Both Brandee and I feel such awful neglect for not paying enough attention to Jack because Bella is consuming so much of our time, however we do what we can for him.  He is certainly patient and understanding.

To be very honest, Bella is on the human equivalent of hospice care. We keep her as comfortable as can be and, of course, comfort her as much as we can with lots of cuddling.  Brandee and I love every precious moment we have with her. She is such a precious daughter and we love her greatly.

She continues to have a healthy appetite and great spirit for life. Every now-and-then when she gets a little punchy she’ll even make the effort to jump on the couch or jump up onto my chest to get more attention!


Fired-up for the Future

As I write this message I am so grateful for many things including my Dad, my wife, my furry children and my colleagues. Of course, there will be many difficult decisions and challenges ahead of us and I look forward to building something terrific. I am so fired-up for the future that you cannot believe it! Anyone, or anything, in my way of achieving this vision is an obstacle that I will overcome.



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Sicario: Movie Review (2015)

This was a pretty intense movie with lots of good drama.  The plot is about an elite team of American special force troops sent into Juarez, Mexico to avenge 20-30 murders committed in the United States (Phoenix, Arizona) by a Mexican drug cartel.  Kate, who is the main actress in the movie, clearly a skilled DEA officer but she has never been on such a top-secret mission before.

She is recruited (technically she volunteered but under some duress) to join this elite team to go into Juarez and get the evil drug lord. As the team makes the journey to Juarez the tension of the movie builds because something just doesn’t feel right with this lady. The other team members seem to not be telling her the complete story. The mystery of what’s really happens builds throughout the movie.

The photography in the movie is amazing with lots of cool scenery of attack helicopters, military bases and other rugged action. The soundtrack is exciting and keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat.

Overall, Sicario was entertaining and I will give this movie an 8 out of 10 potential Steelers Stars.


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As the year of 2016 officially comes to a close tonight at 12:00:00.01 (yep, believe it or not there is an official one second added this year – it’s a “leap second”).

Five things I am grateful for from 2016:

1. My wife and furry-kids are one more year aged, yet still contributing to Neal Home zaniness.

2. Business and Career modification has proven to be professionally, as well as personally, rewarding. 2016 was the year of building a solid foundation and 2017 will be the year of executing a solid plan. We are so excited for the future that we can’t contain our giddiness to share all the great news!

3. Great personal friends that visited our home throughout the year for BBQ/swimming fun in the summer, socialized with us during the holiday season or just dropped by to say hello for no reason whatsoever.

4. I had a wonderful opportunity to visit close family and friends while in Oklahoma recently. This was such a refreshing experience that I cannot express how awesome this was.

5. My Dad went home in Heaven to be with friends and family. His strong legacy lives on forever and he is at peace. God Bless you Dad!

Wishing everyone a bright, fun and prosperous 2017! Happy New Year!

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Oklahoma Visit – December 2016

Home away from Home (Sallisaw, Oklahoma)

I made a quick, last minute trip to Sallisaw, Oklahoma recently.

Although Sallisaw has never been an official place of residence for myself nor my immediate family and I did visit there for a week at least once every year for my entire life. Sallisaw is where my Dad, Floyd Neal, and all of his incredibly kind family was from. This is truly my Home away from Home. Let me please share a just a few of my highlights visiting this wonderful city and awesome people of Sallisaw, Oklahoma.


Family of Fantastic Furr’s

I had the great pleasure to finally meet, in-person, two of the most wonderful people to walk the face of this Earth; Tammye and Fred. They are the amazing furr-mommy and furr-daddy of 8 – yes, 8 – animals of all sorts from cats, dogs, horses and even a rabbit!

These two-wonderful people have organized, and execute, a beautiful Sunday morning service of prayer, education as well as just bringing people together for a local independent living facility. I was so fortunate to participate in one of these awesome events on the Sunday while I was there and the joy that it brought to the residents was so amazing!

Tammye and Fred are simply outstanding examples of decency and they deserve only the best in life. They are precious people and I’m so glad they are my friends. Love you both tons!!!


The decency of strangers

Old Sallisaw High School


Sallisaw High School was the root of many great stories. So many great people and awesome relationships were born at this wonderful place. Although it’s no longer useful as a school it is still an extremely useful historical landmark that helps share the terrific memories of Sallisaw history.


AOK Printing


I had a simple printing need while in Sallisaw and I happened to come-across AOK Printing which is a professional printing company. My particular request was easily satisfied and I would like to give a huge shout-out to the great folks at AOK. They can expertly fulfill any sort of major printing or marketing needs and I will certainly be calling upon them for their business services in the near future!


14 Flags Museum


Sallisaw is certainly a city in transition between respecting old-school tradition yet allowing for modern growth. One of the old-school traditions that is quite prominent is Sallisaw is the “14 Flags Museum” which is beautifully displayed proudly on Main Street.


14 Flags is a historical landmark with a fantastic history as a gas station, stage-coach stop and authentic living quarters. It’s a really great place to visit if you are ever on I-40 between OCK and Ft. Smith.


General Sallisaw demeanor


Overall I would like to make a general comment about the folks of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. I would like to say that they are kind and compassionate people. This has been my opinion from years of experience of socializing within their community and it is always so wonderful to visit this great place.


I love this place like my Home and I feel a special kindship there. I have great hope that Sallisaw will also be a decent place of great humanity.

Dad’s Legacy

This was my first visit back to Sallisaw, Oklahoma since my dad went to Heaven on 4/21/2016. So, naturally, I wanted to visit his marker and pay my respects to a truly wonderful father.

Honestly, I visited this place several times in a few days during my visit to Sallisaw. Sometimes with family but many times without; it just felt like the right thing to do to be there. The Sallisaw Cemetery is really a beautiful place. You would think that a cemetery might be a grim or sad place to be but this one is anything but. The grounds are beautifully taken care of by the wonderful staff.


Delicious Dining and Stimulating Conversation

On my way back to the airport for my early morning flight, I was graciously invited to stay overnight with my terrific family in Tulsa, Les and Myla. Myla (with Les’s positive encouragement) had prepared the most scrumptious meal ever! I was the fortunate recipient for one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever experienced. After this great meal and some chit-chatty while eating it was time to discuss ‘real business’.

For Les, Myla and myself ‘real business’ consisted of nothing more than shooting-some-poop discussing a wide range of topics into the early-morning hours. I feel sorry for keeping them up so late but it was such a joyous time to get to spend quality time with such great people.


In summary, my Oklahoma 2016 trip was a beautiful experience. We shared great memories of the past and we also shared fantastic vision for the future. I am so proud to recognize my family and friends in Oklahoma because you are all so special. God Bless you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!



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Kevin Neal Life Updates, 12/16/2016

I provided the last Kevin Neal Life Update on this post from 11/22/2016 so I won’t rehash older news and I’ll move right into significant updates since then.


Bellaringa slowly on-the-mend

After a tremendous medical scare a few weeks ago, Brandee and I are glad to report that Bella seems to be slowing improving. We have no illusion that she will revert 100% to her kitten-like and somewhat vicious demeanor because, after all, we appreciate blood inside of our bodies instead of Bella’s bite or scratch wounds with our blood running down our arms!

No, in all seriousness, we encourage and appreciate Bella’s feisty attitude after what we’ve been through with her the past few weeks. Bella is playing with Jack more often, she’s certainly more active, she continues to eat well and is in no obvious pain. I guess it’s just natural that a 14-year furr-ball might lose a step-or-two at her age.

Overall, we continue to pray for her to be comfortable, enjoy her life and bring the happiness that Brandee, Jack and I enjoy so much.


Home away from home

Have you ever felt like there is some special place that you feel most comfortable although it has never been your permanent place of residence? Is there a place that is so full of genuinely decent people who share in each other’s life’s journey through good times as well as the challenging times? Most might think of their home away from home as a nice vacation spot on a sandy beach, enjoying a refreshing drink in the warm sunshine. Not me.

I, personally, feel that my home away from home has always been visiting with my Dad’s family and friends in Oklahoma. For me, there has always felt some amazing level of comfort there. Although I have never maintained a mailing address in Oklahoma and we generally visit for one week per year, the heartwarming reception received is such an inspiration that I sincerely try and capture into my travel-bag and bring back to California to infect people with kindness. Wish me luck.


The decency of people

Sometimes in our daily lives, and which is reasonable considering stressful life events, we might tend to think that by default everyone and everything have bad motivation. This is not true and there are decent people everywhere.

During my recent travels, I would like to recognize a few exemptional people that really stood-out:

  1. AOK Printing,

I went into their business with a random print inquiry. Not only did they satisfy my need, they went far and beyond my expectations to provide a professional representation of the material. This company is top-notch and highly recommended for your print, graphics or design-marketing needs.

Even if you don’t have printing needs, AOK Printing is a great place to visit to discuss football, family or current events. Highly recommended!

2. American Airlines flight #AA103 on 12/15/2016 (French-speaking flight attendant)

As the safety announcements were announced on the intercom system of American Airlines flight #AA103 on 12/15/16, the accent from the lady over the speaker system was clear that she was most likely fluent in French language. With this rather obvious evidence I engaged in a feeble attempt to engage in a conversation “en français” with this lady. I had studied French in High School but that was long ago and “J’ai oublié le français” (I had forgotten French).

Through-out the flight she played along and encouraged the an ongoing conversation in French as much as we could which was quite fun and entertaining. It was super fun! Merci beaucoup #AA103!!!

  1. All Oklahoma Truck Stops and Eatin’ Places

One of the really special perks of visiting Oklahoma is the down-home cooking and genuine hospitality of the local truck stops, diners and eatin’ places.

Unlike most places where most of us might quickly scarf down a meal for pure nourishment sake or simple sustenance, in Oklahoma any meal is a time to slow down, relax, be grateful and enjoy a great conversation with friends or family.

If you have ever had the pleasure to enjoy such an experience then you certainly can understand my point, if not and you happen to be traveling through any of the ‘fly over states’ (including Oklahoma), do yourself a favor and stop-by a truck stop and enjoy this great atmosphere for yourself. You won’t regret it.


I’m pleased to report that, by the grace of God, things are good. Brandee, Jack, Bella and the Fish all are getting along well. Friends and Family are still beautifully amazing people. Business is solid and growing. And, most importantly, people all over our awesome country have renewed confidence in the future and they are optimistic for good things to come.

God Bless and here is wishing everyone a wonderful early Merry Christmas.



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