This was a self-imposed project that I was very proud of. In 2007 while working at Fujitsu I took the initiative, and was gratefully given the authority, to organize, prepare and build what I called the “Fujitsu Imaging Products Group (IPG) Demo Lab”. The concept was to setup various solutions that utilized our document scanning technologies for educational purposes.

The project was really great because people were really interested in learning about emerging technologies. I didn’t have to spend any money on building this Demo Lab. All the equipment was excess. We created an internal web portal that people could log on and follow the easy instructions to understand, and try for themselves, the different technologies.

Much of our Demo Lab was dedicated to network-attach solutions so we had many networking hardware products such as Kofax DSS, Axis or Silex but we also had network software solutions such as Network ISIS and RemoteScan TWAIN. It was really great to share this knowledge with others and get such great feedback.

fujitsu-ipg-lab-interface fujitsu-ipg-lab5 fujitsu-ipg-lab4 fujitsu-ipg-lab3 fujitsu-ipg-lab2 fujitsu-ipg-lab1


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Veterans Day 2016

On this Veterans Day 2016, I wrote a series of short messages of appreciation of veterans I personally knew and posted them on my personal Facebook page to share their military story with others. On this particular webpage that you are reading now I have consolidated all these posts to share bried stories of these great hero’s.


scott-green-platoonScott Green: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

I would like to recognized my tough, cool, brother-in-law Marine and wonderful BBQ-cook, Scott Green. He, and his guys, are so humble about their military service but I cannot do nothing but brag about their bravery in really terrible times. We must not forget how horrible it must have been to roll into Baghdad at that time. But they did it bravely. Semper Fi!

Scott, you are a compassionate person with lots of common sense, whether you admit it or not, and I can’t wait to get back to Ohio for some of that delicious Dayton Urban BBQ.

For those whose live in Ohio, or might visit there any time in the future, please visit his food truck for some delicious BBQ! Twitter:  Facebook:



eugene-latimerEugene (Gene) Latimer: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

Gene attend Aircraft Mechanic School in Wichita, where he obtained employment with Beechcraft after graduating. He was drafted into the U.S. Army, but Beechcraft got him deferred twice. After receiving his third draft notice, he declined another deferment and excitedly wanted to go! The U.S. Army transferred him to the U.S. Army Air Corps when they found out he had experience working with aircraft. He served honorably during World War II as supervisor of aircraft mechanics at Lavenham, England from one month before D-Day until one month after VE-Day.


carl-cookCarl Cook: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

My great uncle Carl was a proud, patriotic World War II Army veteran. He loved American like no one ever and he always preached the importance for respect of our country.

In addition to his military service he raised a terrific family of truly wonderful people whom I personal cherish to this day. Carl was also successful in his various businesses including Real Estate.

Carl had the beautiful foresight to record this short video on his Testimony of Life (including much of his Army service) which I encourage everyone to enjoy:



tom-postulkaTom Postulka: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

Tom is a tough guy. A Marine that utilizes his experience both personally and professionally. He means business at all times. Tom can be the kindest of characters, yet the most voracious person you can imagine for anyone that might dare harm his country of priligy canada, family or friends.

I am so grateful to have Tom as a friend and respect his military service very much. Thanks Tom, and your fellow Marines, for your wonderful dedication to our beautiful country. Semper Fi.


jack-brooks-tankJack Brooks: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

A common theme among Veterans is their humble nature, overall common sense and, obviously, their patriotic nature.

Jack was one of the greatest people in the world I’ve ever met. He was a veteran of the Korean War, and although he rarely spoke of his service, I know whatever happened tortured him tremendously.
Jack’s legacy lives strong in his son who is working hard to make a successful life of his own.

God Bless Jack for everything you did for me, for everyone you coached in football and tutored in life. Your great friendship has positively influenced so many people that you have no idea.


floydFloyd Neal: On this Veterans Day 2016, I pay respect to those Veterans who have so proudly served our great nation. We are indebted to your service forever.

My beautifully wonderful Dad, Floyd Neal, was a proud veteran of the US Navy. He always advocated service to our country, respect of others and being an overall decent person. These terrific character traits are not unique to Floyd because this is a common trait among all veterans. A Veterans sense of decency is genuine.

Dad’s military service clearly had a positive influence for his 93-years. His learning that the Navy provided was clearly profound on his character and Dad paid this knowledge forward to others. This was a great example of military service helping civilian society.

Dad, love you and please enjoy the first time since your re-birth with your great fellow Vets, including your awesome brothers Gene and Carl in heaven this year.

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2016 Pre-Election Thoughts

This year, 2016, has certainly been an unusual election season. In both candidates, electionDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are the most unfavorable people to run for the United States Presidency. It’s amazing and, therefore, I would like to provide some of my personal thoughts and opinions on this Sunday, 11/6/2016, ahead of the decision to vote for our next President this upcoming Tuesday, 11/8/2016.


  • Locker-Room Talk
    • Let me address this issue head-on because it’s a legitimate concern that a Presidential candidate such as Donald Trump clearly was busted using nasty language on a video. It’s disgusting for sure to hear such vulgarity; no doubt. Let me ask you to do this right now though….go into your bathroom and look in the mirror. Now ask yourself this question, ‘am I a perfect person?’ or ‘have I ever said something nasty?’. If you can honestly say that you are holy-then-though then so-be-it.
  • Bankruptcy and Tax Returns
  • tax-returnsOn the topic of bankruptcies and tax returns, this is really ridiculous. For those of you that know me personally I follow business news very closely. I study financial rules extremely close and I run my personal and professional business accordingly. So, let me be very specific about ‘Donald Trump’s bankruptcies and tax returns’ as far as I know them. Please know that I am know apologist for DJT, but these are the harsh realities from my personal perspective.
    • Bankruptcy: 500+ business ventures and 4 bankruptcies (0.8%)
    • Tax Returns: Every leaked tax return has been proven legal. It might appear shady but the returns were clearly legal. If you don’t like the system then change it.
  • E-mails and National Security risks
    • national-securityTo me, personally, this is one of the most important issues. When Bernie Sanders said “I don’t care about your damned e-mails” he was absolutely wrong. Her e-mails ARE very relevant. First of all, we, U.S. citizens paid for her service as Secretary of State and through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) all e-mail records are supposed to be available to us. This is clear, yet she chooses to intentionally setup an illegal server to support personal business with the Clinton Foundation.
  • The Russians are Coming
    • russian_american_handshakeThe constant story of “Russian hacking” really bothers me to the core. First of all, anyone that has common sense that ‘hacking’ is a reality. We hack, they hack, North Korea hacks, China hacks, I hack and nearly everyone else hacks. For pete’s sakes it’s 2016 and we live in an internet-connected, cyber-world. HOWEVER, this does not mean that the Russians are trying to influence the U.S. election. I have worked closely with many great Russian people, as well as visited Moscow once. I have written previously about this. My Russian friends are super nice and the most genuine ever. They all appreciate American democracy; as wacky as we might be at time. I’m really disgusted at the continued suggestion by the Clinton campaign that Russia is doing anything to influence this election.
    • To be absolutely clear, I am in full support of people’s rights to marry whoever they want. That is none of my business. As long as people are happy then society wins, in my opinion. However, I lost a Facebook friend this year because I didn’t throw 100% support for Hillary. I have never, and would never, de-friend a Facebook friend over such as issue but this person choose to do exactly that.
  • Veteran’s Support

    • veteransThe lack of Support for our brave Men and Woman that proudly served in our military is absolutely disgraceful. Our current administration claims that everyone is okay but people with common sense know otherwise. It’s beyond disgusting. This is a real problem for me in this election decision. If Obama and HRC truly cared about our Vets then why are they in such a bad way 8 years later under their leadership?
  • Economy
    • economyAs I previously stated I study the economy very closely. The Government wants to publish ‘free-good’, fake statistics such as 4.9% unemployment but it’s a complete farce. 4.9% is only because of people forced to take on a second-job and also people continuing to abandon their job search.

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Bellaringa Update 11/5/2016


bella-in-a-boxBrandee, Jack and I would like to provide a brief update on our daughter, Bella.

Bella, for those that might not know is a 13-year old orange furr-ball tabby feline of fun-ness. She’s a great source of entertainment for our family. Some good, some bad and some down-right ugly. How something so small as her at only 7 pounds can inflict such damage on our household is beyond comprehension??? Just kidding, in all seriousness we love her determined personality.


bella-being-a-queenWe are so pleased to report that we have our baby Bella back; or at least a former shell of herself. She will never be the kitten we adopted 13 years ago and we have no illusion of such. However, we had been seriously concerned with a recent medical issue.

Bella had a serious medical scare a few weeks ago that had all of us majorly concerned. She had taken what we thought might be a minor fall. At first we were concerned that she might have broken a bone in her leg or hip but that never turned out to be the problem. After about an hour after her fall she began to go into seizure-like symptoms. It was distressing for us, horrible for her and terrifying without knowing how to help her. I will never forget how awful that night was but I was so glad to be able to hold her tight to my chest and give her some comfort when she was clearly in distress.



bella-in-kevins-armsAfter a few sleepless nights caring for her and our wonderful veterinarian’s suggestions we have arrived on a medical solution that gives Bella comfort and quality of life. Bella no longer has any desire to prowl the nights like she used to, nor adventure outside or even fight too much when Brandee or I are cuddly with her.

We have had to adjust her lifestyle a bit for her comfort and so far, everything is good. She is still able to walk around the house and appears in no obvious physical pain but she’s surely slowed down in the fact that she is uneasy in jumping on furniture like she used to rx cialis.

It’s truly amazing how quickly things can change so please appreciate things while you can.


Bella enjoyed basking in the warm sunshine this morning and then coming inside the house to enjoy a nice feast (courtesy of Chef Brandee) and then a nice pleasant rest.

Today was a good day for Bella and we are so grateful for this. She had her kitten-like spirit with big/bright eyes and had a playful attitude. Her furr is nearly fully regrown since her summer shave and she seems in great spirits the past few days.


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Bella’s health scare

bellaBrandee (wife), Jackson (our dog) and I had a real scare with Bella (our cat) the past few days and we’d like to report a happy road-to-recovery. First of all, Bella has been extremely anxious over the past one year or so and extremely aggressive towards our dog, Jack, and we attribute it most likely to Feline Dementia.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bella, had a hard fall. She likes to jump into our shower/bathtub for whatever reason and on this particular occasion she didn’t quite make the leap over the tub wall and crashed to the floor. It seemed innocent enough but got both Brandee’s and my attention immediately. We watched her for about 10 minutes without any obvious problems but then she went into something like a seizure-like state where her legs were moving uncontrollably. It was very scary.

Awful, yet reasonable, thoughts were racing through Brandee and my heads such as ‘did she break a leg?’, ‘did she break her back?’, ‘did she get a concussion?’. After a few more minutes of observation she was agitated enough to want to walk on her own and we determined that a fracture of the leg or back was not likely. However, something like bumping her head, like a football concussion, which is neurological might have caused a sudden onset of these seizure-like symptoms. Over that night was one of the longest ever for both Brandee and me with worry for Bella. She was very lethargic, had lack of mobility, no desire to eat/drink…it was awful.

Bella is only 14-years old and due to her feral upbringing we are always especially concerned when anything happens to her as I’ve heard life-expectancy might be less than non-feral cats. However, I’m glad to report that after a vet-visit yesterday afternoon, and an anxious night for Brandee and I, that the vet’s prescription of a mild pain-killer/sedative has made Bella a happy kitty again. We love our Doctor so much! Dr. Nagle is awesome!


American passion for elections

electionWith less than one month until the American elections, passions, opinions and even out-right hatred is nearly at the boil-over moment. From my personal perspective I know this particular election is extremely important and I think most people would agree. And, also, while I have my own strong opinions on certain topics I would never blame anyone that might disagree with me. After all, our system of Government is supposed to be a democracy and reasonable people can, and should, have reasonable debates. So, therefore as the election nears I will continue to advocate about topics I care deeply for, yet I respect everyone’s opinion to agree, disagree or not care. All that I would ask is that if you do have an opinion, please make it an informed decision. That’s all I want to say about this topic for now – I’ll take my 5th Amendment right now to not incriminate myself on this blog post and take-a-knee.smiling-face-with-sunglasses


Cloud Business

Whether you know me personally or professional, most of you know that I have been a huge advocate of ‘cloud computing’ before it was socially or professionally acceptable like it is nowadays. I’ve had to endure the abuse of some of my seriously naïve co-workers with such criticism as ‘the cloud is not secure’ or ‘the cloud is just the internet re-branded’ or, my personal favorite, ‘no one can make money in the cloud’. These are the people that love the status-quo and refuse to go outside of their comfort zones even when a mega-trend like ‘cloud computing’ was raining on their traditional businesses. Personally I enjoy the criticism in the early days of ‘cloud computing’ because it really forced my thinking to be critical. The criticism made me really contemplate my professional career and I’m glad I made the decision to dive head-first into this cloudy future. As Marc Benioff, CEO of, famously once said the following:

“This is the heyday of the Cloud. This is the Renaissance. We are in the Great Time.”

 “So we’re still at the very, very beginning.

We are in the first innings of Cloud Computing.

This is still the Renaissance.”


coalitionMy career and my business is in an excellent position to capitalize on the big momentum for cloud applications and services. We are building an outstanding network of like-minded individual’s as well as technology partners. It is truly an exciting time to be building such an exciting future!

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