May 20th, 2017

To: Honey Sweet Baby Bella

From: Mommy, Daddy, Bubby and Sissies

Re: Forever memories and Doctor visits


Dear Our Sweet Baby,

We miss you a ton since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Can’t wait to be with you again for eternity.

A lot has happened around the house the past few weeks so let me please provide an update.

First, and foremost, Mommy and I received the most beautiful lifetime memorial of your wonderfulness. It is so very sad, yet so inspirational in the same vein. Your pretty, prefect paw prints are forever, literally, set-in-stone. Every day I make a point to visit and say a prayer for your peace, happiness and health at Rainbow Bridge. This is such a precious gift that Mommy made as a forever memory. I love it and you are such a pretty baby!

Next, your newly adopted sissies seem to be getting along with Bubby pretty well. Bleu and Jack have no issues whatsoever, which is a bit surprising to me considering that size difference but they have a lot of fun with each other. Bleu likes to play with Jack’s tail and he allows it like a champion. It’s clear that he misses you badly and tutoring a new baby feline is his way of coping. He’s enjoying the reciprocation to help a little kitten baby just like you took such terrific care of Buddy so good as an older Sissy when he was a little guy.

Bleu and Gracie went to see our beloved animal doctor today. Dr. N, especially, said to say hello to you. He knows that you are having such a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge with his little girl. I sincerely hope that you two are in direct communication because he loved you dearly but I just wanted to communicate this message none-the-less. Gracie was there just to introduce her to Doctor but Bleu had to get a shot of some sort. She was a very good patient according to Doctor.

Baby Honey, we love you so much. Please send a memory or message. We would love that more than you will ever know right now; we really need it.

Love you to the moon and back forever,

Mommy, Daddy, Bubby and Sissies

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May 18th, 2017

To: Sweet Hunny Baby Bella

From: Your extended family at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic (LAVC)

Re: Condolence Card from LAVC


Dear my best girl of all-time,

I write you this letter on behalf of your great extended family. This is the wonderfully beautiful family at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic (LAVC).

They were such a terrific group of people to you and I know you loved them as well. They miss you tremendously since you went to Rainbow Bridge. They sent you, Mommy and I the most absolutely heart-warming condolence card that you can imagine. I wanted to share this with you and make sure delivery to your temporary home is made until we can cross The Bridge together.

Dr. Kevin Nagle and his entire staff hand wrote a special note to you from each of them individually. It was so special. When your Mommy and I visited LAVC today to update your bubbies and sissies microchip status, we made a point to especially thank all the staff for their kind note and love for you.

As you know LAVC is a knowledgeable, compassionate and great clinic. They took such fantastic care of you even when sometimes it wasn’t always fun for you. They did things on our behalf in your best interest and we enjoyed nearly 15 years together which I am so grateful for; even though this time was far too short. Now your lonely brother, Jackson, and two sisters, Gracie and Bleu, get the pleasure of meeting this awesome staff of animal lovers. Your Mommy, Daddy and furr-siblings look forward to many more fantastic years at LAVC in your loving legacy.

Love you baby and please know you are SOOO loved at LAVC!

-Mommy, Daddy and LAVC staff

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Letter to Baby Furr, 05/16/2017

May 16th, 2017

Hey sweet Baby Bella,

We miss you like crazy but know you are in a great place in Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge.  Everyone has been so considerate and compassionate since you made your journey that Brandee, Jack and I can’t say thanks enough. I hope you know that you have so many friends that care about you that it’s so beautiful.

The house is so empty without you in spite of the youthful energy that Gracie and Bleu contribute. It just doesn’t feel right at this moment; honestly. Maybe, in time, this emptiness will fade but it’s painful. However, we take comfort that you are pain-free and among so many friends and family at Rainbow Bridge.

Jackson misses you tremendously, and this is still very evident. It’s very sad and I cry with him often. We are trying to adjust and he’s doing his best to be an older brother to his two new sissy’s.  Speaking of which….let me provide an update.

Gracie is a handful. She is full of energy and really a great compliment to the house. She keeps your bubby active and healthy. She’s always very playful and we need to keep a close watch on when she’s playing with Bleu. We don’t think that Gracie would intentionally hurt Bleu but Gracie has sharp-teeth and Bleu is so tiny that an accident could happen. It’s just best to be careful until Bleu grows up a bit.

Bleu is a crazy kitty just like you. Also, just like you, she likes to chill in the afternoon and then stay up all night running around the house! She is a pretty kitten and so small. She’s a good sissy for you and I just wish that you could have met. I want to mention that bubby is especially nice to Bleu. He is such a wonderful Bub! Even when Bleu does one of her ‘flying squirrel’ jumps and lands directly in front of his face, he doesn’t snap, he doesn’t growl nor does he pay her any attention frankly.  In fact, the only time he pays attention to Bleu is when Gracie gets a bit aggressive and your Bub jumps-in to save the day for Baby Bleu.

Overall, we are busy trying to make a modified Neal family but it’s really hard without you here. Gracie and Bleu are wonderful but it’s just not the same. Maybe over time I will feel different but this is just how I feel for you. You were, and always are, the best Baby Bella Furrball of all time! I so miss everything we did together from watching the sunrise, to cuddling together and talking crazy stuff.


Love you to the moon and back,

Mommy, Daddy and Buddy

Brandee, Jack and my sweetness girl. Baby-furr!

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May 13th, 2017


Dear Sweet Baby Bella,

We miss you more than ever.  The emptiness of missing you is like a kick to the gut, frankly. Mommy, Daddy and Bubby Love you forever until we see you at Rainbow Bridge again.

My honey-baby, we have rescued two younger siblings for you.  By no means are these two animal-rescue babies meant to be replacements for you. No way!  Brandee and I felt that some younger sibling(s) would be good so, of course, we rescued two babies from the local animal shelter.

Your new younger siblings are named Bleu and Gracie. Bleu is a six-week-old kitten and she’s adorable.  Gracie is a seven-week-old puppy and she’s also a bundle of joy.

Your lovely Aunt Tammye sent Brandee and I a lovely story that was really emotionally sad, yet wonderfully inspirational.  It was a story about some poor rescue animals that, unfortunately, never get saved and go to Rainbow Bridge with you.  These poor animals have no one to cross the Bridge with until The Rescuers come to be with them.  It’s a wonderful feel-good story and I’m so grateful for Tammye to share this with us.

Nearly everything I do to this day is still in your routine. Every morning I go out into the backyard like we used to do together and pray to the lovely sky for peace, happiness and respect. That was my favorite activity of every day with you. I miss that soooooo much and I’m starting this new tradition with Bleu in your great honor. Every morning, noon and night I hope that you can send me a message that you are in peace and comfort.

The outpouring of sentiment for your journey to Rainbow Bridge is amazing and people love you so much.  Everyone has been so supportive of Brandee, Jack and I that we cannot express our gratitude enough. You, our beautiful baby-orange-furr, were a fan favorite of FaceBook for sure.

So, until I write again, your spirit is in-tact, your legacy is strong and you will never be forgotten. Bleu and Gracie are a new generation but you, my sweetness, are the best forever.

Love you forever,


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Brandee wrote this wonderful introduction of our new baby at the Neal home, Gracie Neal.

Hi, folks!

My name is Gracie and I am 6 months old. I am part Dachshund and part Chihuahua. Mom says I am all doxy except for my amazing ears and long legs. A nice lady found me wondering in East San Jose, and called the ASPCA. They picked me up, took me in for a health check and tried to find my people. When no one claimed me, I was taken to the Silicon Valley Humane Society where I was again examined, spayed, had all of my shots and the next day, this crazy lady sat on the floor in front of my cage and said, “You’re the one. I’ll be right back!”

The next thing I knew, I was in her lap giving her kisses and she had all this wet stuff running down her face. I did not care. I liked this lady. She took me up front, signed a bunch of papers and introduced me to this man- she says he’s my Daddy and they are now my parents! Can ya believe it? Just like that! I gots me a new Mom and Dad!

Anyway, I have a big brother now. His name is Jack. I also have a tiny little sister named Bleu. She was in a cage just across the hall from me. Wait until you hear her story. Mom says Dad is sucker for a pretty girl. I don’t know what that means, but I sure love my little sister! I adore my big brother, Jack. He shares his food, bed and toys with me. He is not happy about sharing Mom, but he is coming around. I’ve been here 3 days now, and he is playing with me! PROGRESS!

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