Neal’s giving Thanks in 2016

Here are some quick hit Neal Family highlights as of 11/22/2016 while we start to slow down a little bit from an exciting, hectic and amazing year to enjoy our Thanksgiving.


Bella and Jack’s furry tails (pun-intended)

bella_jack_pawIt has been another wonderful year of amazing times with our daughter (Bella) and our son (Jackson). While each of us has technically aged only 363-days since last Thanksgiving, as everyone knows, cats and dogs physically aged at a much more rapid pace than humans. Bella is 14 years-old now and Jack is 9 years-old.

Jack seems to be doing well enough but, honestly, Bella is having some rough times for the past two weeks and we are seriously concerned. Brandee and I have suspected for many months that Bella has some sort of Feline Dementia or head injury because her behavior has changed so much in the last two months. We have had numerous veterinarian visits and there isn’t much they can do other than to provide her comfort so she has been prescribed a low-dose medication which seems to be working so well thus-far (and I pray that it continues to help her so much).

bella_blanketBella is still actively pacing around the house in nearly constant small left-sided circles but she’s very unsteady on her paws. She has given up the effort to jump upon anything and needs to be helped down from any elevated furniture.

Some of the serious positives are that Bella is getting great empathy and support from her younger brother, Jack. I have no clue how he knows but, nonetheless, he does and he allows her to do things like snuggle close with him or not cower in fear when she came within a 10-foot radius.

Sorry for the lack of air-time on this particular post for Jackson, I will make up for this next time.


Deeper relations with Family and Friends through the beauty of technology

This year, more than ever, I am so grateful for technology tools that allow effective communication to Family and Friends. While it’s always nice to make a phone call, write a letter or make a personal visit; this isn’t always an option. Therefore, using modern technology tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn or SMS text messaging to exchange information is a great convenience.

It was very important to communicate news to my family regarding my Dad this past year and I’m glad that we could communicate so effectively without much effort. Using primarily Facebook we were able to update each other on the status of events but it also allowed us some time to get to know each other like we’ve never had the chance before.

social-media-people-2I’m also super excited that I’ve been able to re-kindle relationships with long-distance friends that I’ve had casual relationships in the past. The ease of these communication tools makes it simple to share a thought, or opinion, here or there and then let that receiving person provide a response. This is a great way to maintain relationships until, hopefully, you can see each other in-person.




Business moves into next phase of growth and innovation

p3id-cloudIt’s been an incredibly exciting time for the Business! We are fully engaged in projects to full capacity and it is an amazing time to be in-front of such an obvious surge of lucrative business opportunities coming to us in the ‘Cloud’. While other non-believers, doubters and outright critics of ‘Cloud’ technologies challenged my opinion, at that time, I have nothing to say but shame on you. I jumped in head-first, swam-ahead and never looked back. You can try to catch-up now, but good luck.

social-media-strategyThis is the time of year when I generally double my efforts in preparation for starting 2017 hitting-the-ground running hard. We have already demonstrated our intention to build a business of the future with several news releases including a Finance assistance program as well as a Marketing assistance programs. Our business philosophy is comprehensive and not just focused on product or solutions, but also communication as well as delivery which are the intentions of these new business programs.



Brandee’s Thanksgiving feast preparation

compound-butter-beforeThe last food-hangover haziness was barely clearing from Thanksgiving 2015 and Brandee was already busy planning for Thanksgiving 2016!

I think Turkey-Day (a.k.a. Thanksgiving) is Brandee’s most favorite holiday even surpassing Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween and others. It’s a day where she can really enjoy her sincere joy of cooking and sharing with others. While there are traditional dishes and recipes that she will prepare annually, she also likes to experiment with some new things every year. This might be preparing the turkey in a different manner, creating a new side dish or tweaking seasons to her already favorite recipes.



All signs point ahead to a wonderful 2017

So, in summary, this blog post has shared some information of hopefully inspiration for 2017 to you and your family. It’s our sincere that sharing some personal details of our family life, social interaction, business activities and our upcoming fabulous Thanksgiving feast (courtesy of Brandee) should be a fantastic inspiration.

I hope that we can all just what should do as common sense and live, as well as treat others as you would want to be treated. Very simple and logical.


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