Matt and Mama’s Moon – Xmas 2015

This morning, December 26th 2015, something rather special happened that I captured on video and I would like to share.

It’s the early morning, 3am PST, after Christmas 2015 and this year was the first Full Moon since 1977.

  • First of all any Moon, and especially a Full “Mama’s Moon”, is very special for my wife as this is a special/tangible connection to her wonderful mother, Beverly.
  • Secondly, the year 1977 was the year my youngest brother and great person, Robert, was born.

So while this is a particularly emotional time of year of both of us for missing our loved ones, this unusual event brought us even closer together for reflection, appreciation and gratitude.  Therefore, I wanted to capture the moment digitally on my cell phone.

Here is a summary of the events:

  1. 3am PST photo shoot from my iPhone
  2. Chilly weather but not windy or raining as I head outside to take the photos
  3. The 1+ minute video is me panning across the neighborhood Christmas lights from left-to-right
  4. As I start to pan-up to the Full Moon you can clearly hear the wind pick-up temporarily
    • This gave me chills as I clearly felt Bev and Matt’s presence.  They were saying “We’re okay. Enjoy your time.”
  5. Then as I continue to pan across the sky back the the neighborhood lights you can hear the wind die-down

It was this timely, yet completely-random, ‘gust’ of wind that was truly special and I wanted to share with all of you.

Merry Christmas From the Neals

-Merry Christmas From the Neal Family


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  1. Brandee says:

    It’s beautiful, Kev. Thank you for posting.

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