Kevin Neal Life Update 4/23/2017

Neal Family Update

Brandee, Jack, Bella, the fish and myself continue to live a quiet life during our ‘home time’ together with each other over the past few months. As much as I’d like to share a wonderful story of happiness each time I share one of these Life Update blogs, the truth of the matter is this always can’t be the case.

Bella continues her slow journey to Rainbow Bridge eventually. She continues to have a spunky-spirit, at times and, that alone, motivates me to live out her days however she sees fit without my intervention. Of course, if she becomes in any obvious pain or distress we will certainly not let her suffer. However, until then Brandee, Jack and I are spoiling Bella rotten (as should be). Jack is such a terrific younger brother that senses something is amiss with his sister and he’s such a good boy. Please pray for Bella’s comfort.


Preparing for Summer 2017

In the Neal Family Casa, we absolutely love the summer time, probably like most of you, and we are starting to prepare some fun-in-the-sun come Summer 2017! We have a lot to do include cleaning the pool, preparing the yard and even re-configuring the house for entertaining. We really enjoy it and are looking forward to a great time with family and friends again this year.

Our typical summer consists of many BBQ’s, swimming and friendly socializing. I don’t expect that this year would be too unlike previous years but we must add something special each year. For this year, I think the concept of ‘Fun in the Sun” should be the theme. This simply means that the Neal’s will move our hospitality to pool-side, or close as we can to the pool. Previously our guests had to come into our house to gets items such as refreshing drinks, swim towels or snacks. For Summer 2017, we will move everything poolside to enhance the experience and make everyone’s visit even more enjoyable.


P3iD Cloud Business Update

There have been many significant updates on the business. Firstly, as we promised to potential investors when we officially launched the business on April 25th, 2016, we will act like a public Company with quarterly business updates; which we have done each quarter for the past year.

Secondly, it’s been fantastic to meet with, as well as re-connect with, so many great potential business partners to explore mutual business interests. As a general theme, I think it’s clear that no matter what size of Company you are, or how much resource is available to you or what vertical market you might think you own; the fact of the matter is that not one size fits all. An agile Company such as P3iD Cloud, using modern technology tools with an experienced team is precisely what the market demands. Especially in this era of cloud-computing and web-services mashup.

In this great time of mashup web service applications, the highest quality of Enterprise-type applications can be created in a fraction of the time, with greatly reduced deployment times as well as drastically decreased integration and maintenance costs.

The P3iD Cloud team is excited for the future and have a logo enhancement suggestion. We would like your opinion. Do you prefer the new P3iD Cloud logo of (A) or the current P3iD cloud log of (B)? Please leave your vote below.



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