Kevin Neal Life Update 2/26/2017

It’s given me a whole new perspective when people use terms such as “absence makes the heart grow fond” or “you never know what you are missing until it’s gone” because the truth in each statement is so true.

Why? Because every time I hear such a phrase uttered any more I immediately reflect on my wonderful father, Floyd Neal, and his beautiful attitude towards life and family. Dad is such a great man and left an incredible legacy such that the rest of my life, and the sincere passion for which I do things, are a direct result of my promise to him.


Determined Spirit

I have to be honest that although the past holiday season was great with Brandee and my children, there was certainly a void in the enjoyment because I couldn’t speak with Dad. Nevertheless, Dad provides motivation to me on nearly an hourly basis.  Almost every major decision I make these days has a prerequisite of ‘what would Dad do?’. His common sense is such a terrific blessing that I cannot express enough

I miss talking to him about sports, politics or life in general. He was such a compassionate person with absolute great morality.  I have not been able to talk to him about the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, the surprising election results or the current flood waters in California and it pains me greatly.  But it makes me determined more than ever to make my wonderful Dad so proud of me, my accomplishments and determined spirit to build a great business just like he did.



Get Onboard or Get Left Behind – The Train is Leaving the Station

From a business perspective things are going very well with everything ahead of schedule and below budget. You would think this is great, however my personal involvement requires too much of my time so I have to find a way to delegate and we are working through these challenges now. It’s typical growing pains and to be expected.

This said, I’m a team-player and a very transparent person (as evidence of this life event blog website) so I won’t accept anyone trying to derail my business purpose! Anyone that knows me understands that I am very willing to share whatever knowledge, materials and friendships I can. I am absolutely a pay-it-forward sort of attitude.

In the next month or so you will see some significant announcements of products and services that we have been working on. It’s a very exciting time for me personally to launch the realization of my dream and I encourage anyone interested to contribute. Others that want to suck blood can go pound sand.



Jack and Bella updates

Jack continues to be such a supportive younger brother to his elderly sister, Bella. Both Brandee and I feel such awful neglect for not paying enough attention to Jack because Bella is consuming so much of our time, however we do what we can for him.  He is certainly patient and understanding.

To be very honest, Bella is on the human equivalent of hospice care. We keep her as comfortable as can be and, of course, comfort her as much as we can with lots of cuddling.  Brandee and I love every precious moment we have with her. She is such a precious daughter and we love her greatly.

She continues to have a healthy appetite and great spirit for life. Every now-and-then when she gets a little punchy she’ll even make the effort to jump on the couch or jump up onto my chest to get more attention!


Fired-up for the Future

As I write this message I am so grateful for many things including my Dad, my wife, my furry children and my colleagues. Of course, there will be many difficult decisions and challenges ahead of us and I look forward to building something terrific. I am so fired-up for the future that you cannot believe it! Anyone, or anything, in my way of achieving this vision is an obstacle that I will overcome.


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