Kevin, meet East Coast – East Coast, meet Kevin

“Whew!!!” is about all the energy I have to say right now. The last month has been extremely busy for me with a full load of business travel. It’s all good and each trip has been rewarding and been extremely productive however I am human, after-all, and it’s grueling to keep a schedule like this.

While some people might think this is glamorous to travel the country; I am simply not one of those people. With the current economic situation I feel it’s more important than ever to engage customers in tangible activities that can help move forward business opportunities. If this requires me to sacrifice a little and travel like a madman then so-be-it. I think it’s harder on my wife and children (cat, dog and fish) than me. I appreciate their understanding and sacrifice as well.

Having made three roundtrips back and forth from the West Coast to various destinations on the East Coast in the last four weeks has allowed me some much needed time to get some of my thoughts organized. I have created a lot of “to do” lists over the last month and I’m currently consolidating these activities and acting upon them. One of them was to add more information to my blog. I will be adding some original materials that I have created in the past which I find interesting. I hope others will too, or at the least solicit some constructive feedback. This will include some articles on ‘Trends Towards Higher Resolution Scanning’ , ‘Increase ECM Automation Processes with Higher Resolution Scanning’, ‘Why a Network Scanner’ and other original content. I assure you that this is not a shameless promotion of my company or products but this is a sincere interest in educating others. I am fortunate to be close to this technology and gather a lot of feedback and I simply want to assist others in cutting through some of the confusion. Personally I gain quite a bit of knowledge from reading other peoples blogs and I would like to give back a little to the online social society as well.  As a brief recap of my travels I would like to provide you a visual map of the zany adventures:

On the road again, and again...and again (Willy Nelson eat your heart out)

Also, with all this travel there is certainly bound to be some ‘incident’ of some sort. Well, sure enough, upon our approach into Philadelphia last Sunday night there were severe thunderstorms in the area. My wife was tracking the flights progress via the internet and snapped this screen print of the planes route. Notice the fun circling we ‘enjoyed’ after a full day of travel until the thunderstorms had subsided and we could finally land.

No this is not a ride at Space Mountain!

Anyhow, I just wanted to provide a brief update and explain the absence of blogs recently. I’ll try and be more consistent. Please feel free to drop me a note with any comments, suggestions or criticisms. I’m always open for a healthy debate.

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I am extremely interested in both current events and the ever evolving world of technology. Business and finance have exceedingly become important areas to me, as well. Over the next few years, I hope to log many interesting personal views and opinions concerning important aspects of the world in which we live. Keep in mind that all content posted by me on this web site reflects only my personal views and opinions and not those of anyone else.
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