Jack learns paw-shakin’!

So proud of my son, Jackson Neal, and his new paw-shaking learned trick! He was great and now shakes on-command but this was not easy for him.

Touching his paws has been nearly off-limits after he experienced a terrible nail-trim at PetSmart where they cut his nails too short and made him bleed and in great, obvious, pain. Ever since Brandee and I have been working with him constantly to gain trust for even simply touch his paws. He reluctantly has started to allow us to rub his paws but just a little bit at a time, which was absolutely heart-breaking that progress was slow but nonetheless, it was a step in the right direction.

Finally, tonight, after working with him for many years to get him comfortable for us touching his paws and getting him to somewhat comprehend a ‘shake’ command, and then HE DID IT!!!….and a few times consecutively of ‘sit’, then ‘shake’, ‘sit’, ‘shake’. Each time his paw was clearly on the ground and he had to make a serious effort to shake. So awesome Jackie!

Jack was helping us put up the holiday lights today.

Jack was helping us put up the holiday lights today.

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