Thoughts on Pat Summitt

Let me first present the person herself and then I will explain the connection.

From Pat Summitt’s Wikipedia page:

pat summittPatricia Sue Summitt (June 14, 1952 – June 28, 2016) was an American college basketball head coach whose 1,098 career wins are the most in NCAA basketball history.[1] She served as the head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team from 1974 to 2012, winning eight NCAA championships (a NCAA women’s record when she retired).”

I personally never met Pat, nor did I really care for women’s college basketball; yet she earned my admiration as a great person.

What was clearly evident about Pat Summit were several things including the following:

  1. Passion
  2. Dedication
  3. Loyalty
  4. Determination
  5. Perseverance

Passion: It was, without a doubt, Pat’s passion for winning that was inspiring to her students/players, those who watched from afar like myself and even earned the admiration of competitors. Never once could anyone question Pat’s passion for excellence.

Dedication: I have read many stories of Pat’s dedication to her student/players past, current and upcoming. In her nearly 40 years of basketball coaching she had certainly known many student players. By all accounts it seems that Pat was a genuine friend to these women long after they were no longer players. It seems that Pat had this dedicated spirit from her heart.

Loyalty: Pat was clearly a fierce competitor but it was also clear that she was fiercely loyal to her students. At a time where young people are impressionable and building their character, Pat seemed to be such a positive, loyal and influential role-model.

Determination: Like no others, Pat had determination. It was more than determination to win basketball games too. You could just sense her determined spirit for life, family and decency from her body-language on the TV screen.

Perseverance: Pat, unfortunately, passed away in June 2016 due to complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is where the culmination of her Passion, Dedication, Loyalty and Determination came together. She fought this horrible disease with great dignity and excellent perseverance. Pat resigned her position as head coach of Tennessee after being diagnosed but she contributed to role-model building, mentorship and advocate as long as she could.


Overall, I think that Pat Summitt is someone that is a wonderful person. Others should aspire to learn from her lessons. She has been such a positive influence on millions of people. Her life and legacy is absolutely amazing. God Bless you Pat and Go Vols!

Plumas Pines Annual Golf Tournament – 2015 Edition


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

graeagleFriendly Familiar Faces

This past weekend a group of 50-60 guys made our yearly trip up into Plumas Pines /Graeagle, California for our annual golf outing.  This year was the 21st Edition of the event.  I have personally been attending for roughly 6-7 years and the core-group of golfers are long time friends going way back.  It’s really great to get to see these guys having such a great time, sharing wonderful memories and then making some terrific new memories as well.

Nelson – The Rookie

While there certainly is a core-group that attends each year there is always some attrition so there is need to bring in new participants each year.  And this year it was my time to invite some new blood to join us so I invited my friend, Nelson, to come experience the event for himself.  For those of you that know Nelson, you will know him as a ‘golf fanatic’ and there is hardly a golf course on the face of the earth that he hasn’t played.  This tournament gave him an opportunity to play two new courses he had never played previously.  I hope he enjoyed himself and he will join us next year!

Green Day(s)

There are several golf courses in the area and all of them have their individual charm as well as challenges.  For this year we played two different courses.  One, Plumas Pines Golf Resort and the other was Whitehawk Ranch Golf Club.  Both are beautiful golf courses but there is certainly different strategy to apply for each one.  Plumas seems like a narrower course with large redwood trees lining the fairways, but is a little bit shorter in overall yardage so positioning is critical at Plumas.  Whereas, Whitehawk is more open but much longer overall yardage so long drives are more important at Whitehawk than Plumas.


The first day of golf for my particular group was a ‘practice round’ on the Plumas Pines course on Friday.  We thought this practice round was particularly important because on Sunday we would play the same course, yet this time it would be the official ‘best ball’ format play.

whitehawkThe second day is the ‘individual net score after handicap’ play at Whitehawk Ranch.  We had a lot of fun on this day and the course was in absolutely beautiful condition.   Additionally, as an off-golf-topic sidebar, if you ever have the chance to visit Whitehawk please do just to check out the incredible homes that are on the course.  I’ve heard that many famous people have vacation homes on the golf course and it’s fairly obviously based on the square-footage and beautiful exteriors.

Looking forward to 2016

As a summary, this was another year of fun golfing and, more importantly, friendly conversation as well as banter.  I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I’m already looking forward to next year!  #PlumasGolf2016!

animated golfer

James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steeler great linebacker) retires

One of my all-time modern day (2014) Pittsburgh Steelers players announced his retirement today, August 30, 2014.

He did it in-class just as he had done his entire career.  He played hard, loved his team and teammates.  However, it was clearly obvious that he loved the Steelers fans the most and the feeling is certainly reciprocated.

His own words are more perfect than anything I can write so here is his Facebook post from this morning officially announcing his retirement from the NFL:

james harrison retirement












I have made the difficult decision to retire as of today. My love for my family and the need to be there for them outweighs my desire to play the game. I have missed too many experiences with them because I devoted SO much time to my career. My love for the game isn’t strong enough to make up for missing one more birthday or first day of school. I am retiring as a man who is truly grateful for all of his blessings. I am sincerely thankful to the people who have supported me over the years, first and foremost my family, the Rooney family and my Steeler family, also Mr. Brown, the Bengals organization and fans, and last but FAR from least, Steeler Nation. Thank you.”