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My wife and I love our furry children but SHHHHH, don’t let them know. They are spoiled rotten!

Capturing Opportunity, Technology = Positivity

I am very fortunate and blessed to be where I am now with my career in the document capture and enterprise content management (ECM) industry. I would not probably have planned it this way but it has turned out to … Continue reading

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Fun in the Sun & The “BurritoZilla”!

This weekend was fun. It’s the first signs of Spring coming and the weather is wonderful. Saturday was probably around the low-80’s at the high and Sunday was even better in the low-90’s is my best meteorological guess. Saturday we … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neal-Land Zoo

Misty was a beautiful calico cat that came to Brandee and I around the year 2000. Misty’s history is a bit unknown but as far as we could put together she was well cared for during a long period of … Continue reading

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Our Furry Children

When we first adopted Jackson as a puppy from the local ASPCA, I was very concerned that he might pose a physical threat to Bella due to the inherent nature of his breed, not to mention his size. Obviously, I … Continue reading

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