As the year of 2016 officially comes to a close tonight at 12:00:00.01 (yep, believe it or not there is an official one second added this year – it’s a “leap second”). Five things I am grateful for from 2016: 1. My wife and furry-kids are one more year aged, yet still contributing to Neal […]

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Oklahoma Visit – December 2016

Home away from Home (Sallisaw, Oklahoma) I made a quick, last minute trip to Sallisaw, Oklahoma recently. Although Sallisaw has never been an official place of residence for myself nor my immediate family and I did visit there for a week at least once every year for my entire life. Sallisaw is where my Dad, […]

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I provided the last Kevin Neal Life Update on this post from 11/22/2016 so I won’t rehash older news and I’ll move right into significant updates since then.   Bellaringa slowly on-the-mend After a tremendous medical scare a few weeks ago, Brandee and I are glad to report that Bella seems to be slowing improving. […]

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Neal’s giving Thanks in 2016

Here are some quick hit Neal Family highlights as of 11/22/2016 while we start to slow down a little bit from an exciting, hectic and amazing year to enjoy our Thanksgiving.   Bella and Jack’s furry tails (pun-intended) It has been another wonderful year of amazing times with our daughter (Bella) and our son (Jackson). […]

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Shaver Lake camping, September 2016

This past weekend from Thursday, September 15th, 2016 thru Sunday, September 18th, 2016 the boys and I made our annual trek up the to the California mountains for cabin-camping. Cabin-camping isn’t quite as extreme as tent-camping because our living quarters typically have a solid foundation, roof, refrigerator and bathroom. In other words, we rent a […]

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