Kevin Neal Life Update, 10/30/2017

Since the end of last month when I sustained my ankle injury, life has been challenging. While I’m very grateful and fortunate because the injury could have been so much more worse, the truth of the matter is that I’m not a very patient person and the disruption to my normal routine has been difficult, to say the least.

I’m very fired up for this upcoming week! Let me start with the highlights first.

I have taken my downtime over the past few days, and weeks, to organize some meetings that I am so much looking forward to this week. Some of these meetings are professional but some are also very personal. I’m looking forward to each of them with equal excitement, yet for extremely different reasons. Most of all I’m so pleased that Brandee will participate in each of them.

Whether by fate, destiny or divine intervention, I have had to lean on Brandee for so many things due to my ankle injury last month. Right now, I cannot do many of the normal things I used to do. Or even if I can do them, it’s at a much slower pace than usual. She just has this uncanny ability to jump right in and get things done without me even asking, or realizing that I needed help in the first place.

In addition to our meetings this week I’ve been doing a lot of educating myself in various disciplines. I’ve always felt that my professional business value, to be very honest, is not that I am necessarily an expert at any one thing in particular.  Rather I have a well-rounded professional background where I can relate to others in a sincere manner. I have professional experience in sales, marketing, customer service, business management, account management, product management, technical and other skills rather than just one particular job responsibility throughout my business career. I have

been very fortunate for this and I’ll never forget some very wise advice Dave Wood gave me many, many years ago. He said, “Kevin, even if you continue working at the same Company, do something different within the company.” I could not agree any more strongly than I could with this great advice from such a terrific person as Dave.

An area of particular focus recently has been digging deep into the setup, configuration and usage of ‘cloud services’. This is a very daunting task as the information is overwhelming, the terminology and services offered are different for each provider and the learning is typically on-your-own instead of some formal classroom style course. This is good and bad. It’s good because you can move at your own pace, which I’m finding really beneficial. However, the learning-curve just to get started is a bit overwhelming. Overall, technology is something I’ve always been interested in so my thirst to learn is genuine and natural.  I’m glad I can apply this to my professional career. This learning I’ve been doing recently should be of great benefit to myself, but most important our partners and clients, in this current era of technology convergence between traditional/on-premise and cloud computing services.

Another thing that has me really fired up is that after several weeks of uncertainty with not knowing about my mobility (or ability to work at all), having to juggle my calendar to re-schedule so many planned activities and having to level-set my personal business strategy; for the first time in weeks, I feel that I have a solid schedule to follow this week. I spent the end of last week, as well as this past weekend, preparing a lot of documentation and discussion materials that should be very useful in our upcoming business meetings this week to have positive and productive outcomes.

Lastly, and most importantly, and I’ll say it once again, I am so grateful for the compassion and kindness of all of you. I have such incredible faith in the decency of humanity. So many of you have been so incredibly supportive of Brandee and I dealing with my injury that we cannot thank you enough. Your kind words, thoughts and prayers are absolutely felt and appreciated. We can only hope to do what little we can to reciprocate for you and your family in some fashion, manner or capacity. At certain times in life you must slow down, reflect, appreciate, regroup and then move-forward, stronger and better than ever.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Kevin Neal Life Update 4/23/2017

Neal Family Update

Brandee, Jack, Bella, the fish and myself continue to live a quiet life during our ‘home time’ together with each other over the past few months. As much as I’d like to share a wonderful story of happiness each time I share one of these Life Update blogs, the truth of the matter is this always can’t be the case.

Bella continues her slow journey to Rainbow Bridge eventually. She continues to have a spunky-spirit, at times and, that alone, motivates me to live out her days however she sees fit without my intervention. Of course, if she becomes in any obvious pain or distress we will certainly not let her suffer. However, until then Brandee, Jack and I are spoiling Bella rotten (as should be). Jack is such a terrific younger brother that senses something is amiss with his sister and he’s such a good boy. Please pray for Bella’s comfort.


Preparing for Summer 2017

In the Neal Family Casa, we absolutely love the summer time, probably like most of you, and we are starting to prepare some fun-in-the-sun come Summer 2017! We have a lot to do include cleaning the pool, preparing the yard and even re-configuring the house for entertaining. We really enjoy it and are looking forward to a great time with family and friends again this year.

Our typical summer consists of many BBQ’s, swimming and friendly socializing. I don’t expect that this year would be too unlike previous years but we must add something special each year. For this year, I think the concept of ‘Fun in the Sun” should be the theme. This simply means that the Neal’s will move our hospitality to pool-side, or close as we can to the pool. Previously our guests had to come into our house to gets items such as refreshing drinks, swim towels or snacks. For Summer 2017, we will move everything poolside to enhance the experience and make everyone’s visit even more enjoyable.


P3iD Cloud Business Update

There have been many significant updates on the business. Firstly, as we promised to potential investors when we officially launched the business on April 25th, 2016, we will act like a public Company with quarterly business updates; which we have done each quarter for the past year.

Secondly, it’s been fantastic to meet with, as well as re-connect with, so many great potential business partners to explore mutual business interests. As a general theme, I think it’s clear that no matter what size of Company you are, or how much resource is available to you or what vertical market you might think you own; the fact of the matter is that not one size fits all. An agile Company such as P3iD Cloud, using modern technology tools with an experienced team is precisely what the market demands. Especially in this era of cloud-computing and web-services mashup.

In this great time of mashup web service applications, the highest quality of Enterprise-type applications can be created in a fraction of the time, with greatly reduced deployment times as well as drastically decreased integration and maintenance costs.

The P3iD Cloud team is excited for the future and have a logo enhancement suggestion. We would like your opinion. Do you prefer the new P3iD Cloud logo of (A) or the current P3iD cloud log of (B)? Please leave your vote below.



Is it 2015 already?!?!

2015 calendarIt’s the strange time of year for me.  As fall sets-in and we start considering what Halloween costume we are going to wear or we start planning our feast for Thanksgiving and business generally slows down, it’s always just the opposite for me – and I love it!

This is where a competitive advantage can set you ahead.  Before the end of 2014 I have much activity planned and many initiatives to take care of.  I’m really excited about these great opportunities.  Also, the clarity of a mid-term plan into 2015, and even further ahead is becoming clear through effective communication.  This is absolutely refreshing.

neal family cover

Lotsa Family Events still in 2014

But, of course, the work-life balance comes into play and family is the first priority.  So between now and end of year my schedule goes something like this:

  • Mom birthday
  • Halloween
  • Brother Birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Other Brother Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Wife Birthday

So, here’s wishing you a terrific closing to 2014 and great opening to 2015 no matter how you choose to spend your time.  Your time is precious so spend it how YOU choose to.


Japanese Raumen Museum

Today, 4/25/2014, another busy but great trip to Japan is ‘in the books’ as they say.  All that’s left is a short walk to the train station, a 1 ½ hour express train ride to the airport, a few hours of waiting and then a joyous 10 hour flight home.

This is the part of traveling to Japan that gets particularly interesting.  It’s basically Groundhog Day where I get to relive a period in-time in which I had already experienced.  I’ll be leaving Japan at 3:55pm on Friday afternoon and arrive home at 12:40pm Friday.  Do the math for yourself.  Yes, that’s right; I will land in the US 3 hours and 15 minutes BEFORE I left Japan 10 hours earlier!  Living the same day two times is absolutely a trip.

As I have written previously many times, one of the consistent great things about traveling to Japan is the wonderful people and culture.  That part of visiting never disappoints.  This particular trip featured some new highlights and I would like to share those experiences.

Raumen Museum


We visited the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum.  It was great fun and we ate two lunches.  One lunch was a mild-flavored ramen and the other was a more hot-and-spicy flavor.  Both were delicious!  The Museum itself was awesome.  All the storefronts had a different theme and felt like a Hollywood movie-set with all the various settings.

The environment was so much fun.  In the courtyard of the museum, pictured left, the security officers were teaching young school-kids how to play games and such.

Below is a brief summary of the Raumen Museum:  Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum was founded on March 6th, 1994 as the world’s first food-themed amusement park. From the start, our concept has been to be the one-stop place to enjoy the flavors of this national dish from renowned shops across Japan without stepping on a plane.

Tokyo Dome Baseball

tokyo dome

Another highlight for this particular trip was attending a professional Japanese baseball game.  This game featured the Rakuten Golden Eagles and Seibu Lions.  eagles vs lionsThe Eagles were the home team and their fans were extremely passionate however the Lions also had some extremely loud supporters as well.  Some of the Lions fans included drums, trumpets, flag-waving, organized chanting; showing great team spirit.

The game itself was a blow-out and the end-result was never really in question.  The Eagles scored at-will in the first few innings and built a 5-0 lead, never to be relinquished.  The final score of 6-1 did not accurately portray how much Rakuten dominated this game.

Baseball Beer at Tokyo Dome!


The game was held at the famous Tokyo Dome.  The Dome was pretty typical of traditional stadiums with a few exceptions.  First, there was no parking lot for cars.  All the fans, including us, were transported via train or some other means of public transportation.  Second, there were no, or meager, lines to enter the stadium or get food and drink.  Everything is always so efficient.

The food at the game was quite similar to American baseball with a few exceptions.  The concession stands included typical items such as popcorn, souvenirs and drinks.  The extreme enthusiasm in which the Japanese people celebrate friendship is a noticeable, positive, experience.

One of the extreme highlights of the baseball game was the ‘beer girls’.  There was nothing not to like about this.  They had quantities of them (check), they had kegs/booze strapped to their backs (check) and they all had cheerful attitudes (check)!  All kidding aside, the sincere enthusiasm for working and having fun was absolutely refreshing.

An ABBsolutlYY great day with ABBYY USA!

This past Saturday, January 25th, was the ABBYY USA Winter Holiday party held at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California.  Founded 130 years ago, Wente Vineyards is the country’s oldest, continuously operated family-owned winery.  The Vineyard itself is absolutely gorgeous with other excellent attractions such as a Bar & Grill, full service restaurant, wine tasting tours and, my personal favorite, a stunning 18-hole Golf Course!


The party itself was scheduled to start that evening at 6pm with a pre-dinner wine tasting  tour starting at 5pm so a couple ABBYY golf addicts and myself were quick to put two-and-two together and a morning golf tournament was born.  There were a grand total of fourteen players that joined the tournament and we played best-ball format.  My group consisted of two long hitters and myself.

golf course

Hole #10 was particularly noteworthy.  Our strategy was for me to tee-off on each hole because I could generally put the ball ‘in play’ although I wasn’t terribly long.  Then the next two guys could be more aggressive and try to put us in a better position.  It worked out well and especially on the 281-yard tenth hole.  I tee’d off and put the ball ‘in play’ about 180 yards, leaving only roughly 100 yards to the hole so this gave us three additional chances to improve.  The next guy in our group, Steve, had a very nice shot that traveled roughly 210 or so yards which only left us about 70 yards, so this was a slight improvement.  Therefore we had two shots to be most aggressive.  Our next guy, Ruben, took the third shot and drove it out of bounds but we had one more chance.  Ruben also took our fourth shot.

hole 10 ruben

We all agreed that he would ‘grip-it and rip-it’ and he did just that as we had little to lose.  His shot ended up only about 10 feet from the hole making his tee shot roughly 270 yards and directly on target!!!  It was nearly a hole-in-one on a par 4 hole.  It was an amazing shot by Ruben and one to remember for a lifetime!

ruben and steve 10 hole

After a great morning of golf with the group that went a bit longer than expected I had less than an hour to rush back to the hotel room I had rented, shower and return for wine tasting.  So Marc, who was also staying at the same hotel, and I hauled it to the hotel to check-in and get ready.  Since Marc wasn’t planning on attending the wine tasting he was nice enough to lend me his car which was much appreciated.  I made the wine tasting event just as it was starting at 5pm so a bit a relaxation or short nap was, obviously, not in the plans.  The wine tasting consisted of a guided tour where the history of the Vineyard and Wente family was explained which was interesting.  Then they took us into the “cave” (their terminology), which was actually a large storeroom/warehouse which stored all the barrels of fermenting wine where the process was explained in detail.  It was a great experience.

wine tasting the cave

Lastly, after the wine tasting tour, it was time of the main event and the Winter Party/Dinner.  There was all the usual chit-chat and conversations you might expect.  At about 7pm we all sat down for dinner, which was absolutely delicious.  Drawings for prizes were held through-out the evening and many people won wonderful items but, unfortunately, I was not among the winners.  Nevertheless I got around to say hello to nearly everyone which I sincerely enjoyed.  I also had the chance to meet many of my co-workers significant others and/or family members for the first time which was great as well.


Overall it was a busy, but wonderful day/afternoon and evening.  Thanks to ABBYY USA for sponsoring such a terrific event and especially thanks to all the organizers!