Bella’s injury Sept-14

When I started my blog in 2009 I made a personal commitment to share my life.  The Good, The Bad and some of The Ugly.

While I’ve shared many of ‘The Goods’ there must be balance so I would like to share a recent scary recent experience with our cat (aka ‘daughter’), Bella Neal.

bella scratch on head with stiches

First of all, I would like to announce that she seems well on her way to recovery so this information is all past-tense.  Brandee described the situation in a Facebook post well so I will let her words describe Bella’s status:

I am recovering from an abscess due to a fight I had couple of weeks ago. Gotta protect my family from pirates and scourge!

Mom and Dad trimmed my nails and agreed to remove that torturous cone from my neck so I could sleep. My stitches come out on the 30th.

Mom and Dad have been taking excellent care of me! They feed me clams, tuna and chicken! They give me my meds around the clock and they sit outside with me several times a day to protect me while I get some sun.” Love and pity paws, Isabella Annamarie Neal — with Bella Neal and Kevin Neal.

Bella’s injury Sept-14 (Update Sept-30-14) —

bellas injury healing

Here is an update on Bella’s status to close-the-loop on this situation.  In summary, she is doing well and fully recovered.  We thank everyone for their well-wishes.  Once again I would like to share Brandee’s Facebook post verbatim as she summarized everything extremely well:

Pussface is back from getting her stitches removed. Doc says it looks perfect and she may not have a scar at all. The salve I have been putting on it really did the trick, he said.

Bacitracin; I swear by it for all wounds. It’s really great for diabetics, too. You buy it over the counter at Walgreens or any pharmacy.

Grateful for my kids (Jack and Bella)

Below are a few supplemental photos of some of the past few weeks animal-antics!  Any animal lover knows that they have a sixth-sense that humans certainly cannot comprehend.  While it was heart breaking to see my children go through these pains, it was remarkable to witness the close bonding between Jack and Bella that was clear, although not spoken (in English at least).  When Bella hurt;  Jack knew it and was there to comfort her.  I assure you that this was not typical behavior.  Vice-versa; when Jack hurt recently, Bella was right there for him.  It was absolutely amazing.  Here are a few of the photos:

jack and bella hurting bella and jack

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