Bellaringa Update 11/5/2016


bella-in-a-boxBrandee, Jack and I would like to provide a brief update on our daughter, Bella.

Bella, for those that might not know is a 13-year old orange furr-ball tabby feline of fun-ness. She’s a great source of entertainment for our family. Some good, some bad and some down-right ugly. How something so small as her at only 7 pounds can inflict such damage on our household is beyond comprehension??? Just kidding, in all seriousness we love her determined personality.


bella-being-a-queenWe are so pleased to report that we have our baby Bella back; or at least a former shell of herself. She will never be the kitten we adopted 13 years ago and we have no illusion of such. However, we had been seriously concerned with a recent medical issue.

Bella had a serious medical scare a few weeks ago that had all of us majorly concerned. She had taken what we thought might be a minor fall. At first we were concerned that she might have broken a bone in her leg or hip but that never turned out to be the problem. After about an hour after her fall she began to go into seizure-like symptoms. It was distressing for us, horrible for her and terrifying without knowing how to help her. I will never forget how awful that night was but I was so glad to be able to hold her tight to my chest and give her some comfort when she was clearly in distress.



bella-in-kevins-armsAfter a few sleepless nights caring for her and our wonderful veterinarian’s suggestions we have arrived on a medical solution that gives Bella comfort and quality of life. Bella no longer has any desire to prowl the nights like she used to, nor adventure outside or even fight too much when Brandee or I are cuddly with her.

We have had to adjust her lifestyle a bit for her comfort and so far, everything is good. She is still able to walk around the house and appears in no obvious physical pain but she’s surely slowed down in the fact that she is uneasy in jumping on furniture like she used to rx cialis.

It’s truly amazing how quickly things can change so please appreciate things while you can.


Bella enjoyed basking in the warm sunshine this morning and then coming inside the house to enjoy a nice feast (courtesy of Chef Brandee) and then a nice pleasant rest.

Today was a good day for Bella and we are so grateful for this. She had her kitten-like spirit with big/bright eyes and had a playful attitude. Her furr is nearly fully regrown since her summer shave and she seems in great spirits the past few days.


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  1. Brandee says:

    The love runs deep in this family

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