Bella and Jack’s vet visit, 7/14/2016

Bella, our daughter/cat, and Jackson, our son/dog, went to the veterinarian today. A super, special thanks to our patience vet for his incredible compassion for our children. Also, great thanks to my wife for caring for our beautiful furr-babies.

Brandee has, thankfully, provided the update below.

Update on the babies.


Bella was up first.

Weight: 6lb 14oz a loss of 1lb 11oz from 5 months ago. Heart rate higher than doctor would like, but will be monitored as he also detected an ‘acquired’ heart murmur. Meaning, it’s not congenital at birth. Joints and muscle structure in great shape. No signs of AR or degeneration. Bella’s cognitive and behavioral changes were noted. Her kidneys have shrunken and that is, of course, a concern. Blood was drawn for a full metabolic panel, thyroid, liver and kidney function as well as diabetes and a few others per my request to knock it all out at once so hopefully, Bella does not have to have blood drawn again so soon. At 14, she has never been ill before so this is all new to her. Most tests will be back tomorrow sometime. Results will also determine were we go to control her aggressive behavior towards Jack. It’s causing him to form anxiety and depression.

Jack would not go down via standard sedation, I knew what was coming and did not want Kevin to see it, so I sent him packing with Bella. Daddy packed her up and took her home. Ketamine is an evil drug, folks. If you find yourself in the situation where it must be used in your presence, make sure you have a talk with your vet before it’s administered so you know what to expect. Otherwise, drop your baby off in good hands, and pick them up after recovery is complete.

Jack was next.

Weight 95.6lbs. A gain of approximately 16 pounds since last visit, 5 months prior. Feeding has been dropped from 1 1/2 cups, 2x daily to 1 cup, 2x daily. A total of 4 needle aspirations to check for recurrence of cancer in lumps I’ve found over the past couple of weeks. All checked fine with no trace of cancer cells (thank you, Jesus). His paws are inflamed between the pads from grass allergens. He is going back on a short course of Prednisone to nip it in the bud. (At least he and I can console one another while we eat ice and dream of donuts;) Skin and elbow calluses are both looking fabulous (thank you coconut oil). Nails were trimmed. Dental inspection was fabulous, as always. He has his Mother’s good dental genes 😉 He has the beginnings of an ear infection, and deep canal swelling in both ears, most likely due to his allergies. Meds were administered and will be continued at home. By this time, I called Daddy back after he’d fed Bella, made sure she sipped some water and walked off her pissy mood. She hadn’t. This child…

Everyone is home, showered and relaxed. Jack is still struggling a bit with confusion and getting his brain to reconnect with the rest of his body. A special thanks goes out to his Dad for carrying him to and from the car. Teamwork!”

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