Letter to Big Sis in pet heaven at Rainbow Bridge

April 30th, 2017

To: Big Sis in pet heaven at Rainbow Bridge

From: Your Bro


Hey Bella,

Disclaimer: This is your Mommy and Daddy writing on behalf of your younger brother, Jackson.

Ya see, I’m not so good on working the computer keyboard because I have paws and not human fingers, just like you, my beautiful sister. I’m sure you can relate even though you are feline and I’m canine, it’s certainly a RUFF situation. Get it, did you like my joke? Are you going to DOG me about it?

Hey sis, in all seriousness, I miss you so much but I have great comfort to know that you are comfortable in our ultimate together-forever heaven waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Sissy, you and I had been together for 9 years, if you can believe it or not. We have spent nearly every night together as brother and sister since the day Mommy and Daddy brought me home to live with you 9 years ago.

I wanted to share a few memories with you and ask a few questions while I’m at it.  Why is it that many times you would stand-guard between me and the doorway that would not allow me in the house? You know….like those times you would sit right smack in the middle of the doorway and I would have to wait outside and whimper until Mommy and Daddy would come save me from your terror. Were you trying to keep all of Mom and Dad’s affection for yourself? That was kinda rude Big Sis, but it was funny nonetheless. I hope you are nicer to me at Rainbow Bridge. 😊

Sis, it’s been very different in the house with Mommy and Daddy the past few days without you being here with us. We all so much enjoyed our time with you that we were in certain routines. For example, those times that you would come and rub whiskers with me was very precious moments that I pretended to be afraid, however, and in reality, I truly enjoyed.

Mom, Dad and I have simple Bella-routine items that give us great joy, yet also elicit extreme sadness that you are not here with us now. I’m still in the habit of sniffing around the house looking for wherever you might have hunkered-down but I can never find you anymore, it’s just habit. It’s also just habit that Mom and Dad continually look over to our couch, or your food bowl as if you are still there. It’s very sad actually and we all miss your physical presence immensely.

Sis, I want you to know that I also sincerely appreciate your mature mentorship as an older sister to teach me great values in the life of a pet. Such qualities as always control Mommy and Daddy’s emotions, or pets always eat on-time or play with me when only I want to on my schedule. Big Sissy, you and I had these humanoids trained like nobody’s business! We deserve a high four-pawed/and one dewclaw for that! Never once did they catch on to our language of ‘Bark this’ and ‘Meow that’. These animal code words worked for our effective communication smoothly and kept the parental units oblivious to our true intentions of driving them crazy with their desire to know what we were bark/meow-ing about. Shall we enlighten them finally at Rainbow Bridge?

The crazy human parents also used crazy names for both of us which I never completely understood such as “Jackson VonMunster”, “BellaRingMoskaDoody”, “Bella-A-Jackson” or even “Jack-A-Ringa”. What gives with these Mommy and Daddy-type people??? However strange they might be, I know that Brandee and Kevin always had our best interest, care and love as their top priority. They never spared any time, resource or expense to take care of us and I’m sure you are as grateful of them to be our parents as I am.

I will write you as often as I can with updates and, again, save a nice place for the three of us at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, please enjoy your pain-free, youthful energy revitalization among so many great friends and family until we meet again and cross Rainbow Bridge together.



Your loving Brother, Jackson

Bella enters pet heaven at Rainbow Bridge

April 30th, 2017

I’m terribly hurt right now. Not by anyone or anything, but rather just circumstances beyond my control. It’s God’s Will and it shall be.

Bella, our lovely feline daughter of nearly 15 years, went to heaven at Rainbow Bridge on April 27th, 2017.

After a long illness, this was not a surprise but this does not make the hurt any less. We do, however, have great comfort knowing that she is no longer in any pain and she is continuing to share her awesomely perfect spirit in pet heaven at Rainbow Bridge.

Bella had a tough life in the beginning as a kitten being a ferial cat, a runt and malnourished before we were blessed with her presence. So, we were truly blessed with her presence as long as we had her in the physical world, although this certainly wasn’t long enough. I will be writing much more about Bella’s beautiful legacy in future blog posts.

Right now, I feel so horribly helpless to do anything. There is nothing to do other than to double-down on my love of family and friends. Therefore, I have made a commitment to even more cherish each moment with my wife and Bella’s younger canine brother, Jackson. Also, I want to share and document Bella’s legacy in writing, photos and videos so that hundreds of years in the future that people can still realize how special she truly was.

I mentioned Rainbow Bridge a few times above. If you are not familiar with The Rainbow Bridge then I encourage you to research this comforting poem and heartwarming story of pet heaven where animals have perfect health, play in vast beautiful fields and wait to cross ‘the bridge’ with their loved ones. Knowing that Bella is pain-free among dearly beloved passed loved one’s including my such as my terrific Dad and Brandee’s wonderful Mother is truly comforting.

Bella, we love you SO much and miss you dearly.

Until we meet again.



Letter to pet heaven in care of Isabella Annamarie Neal

April 27th, 2017


The Rainbow Bridge, Pet Heaven

c/o: Isabella Annamarie Neal



Your loving Mommy, Daddy and Brother


Dear Bella-Ringa,

You are such a beloved daughter to Brandee and I, as well as a wonderful sister to your younger brother, Jackson. We trust that your lovely spirit has made the well-deserved safe passage to the most beautiful pet heaven one could ever imagine called The Rainbow Bridge.

While we miss you tremendously since you went to wait for us at Rainbow Bridge on April 27th, 2017, we have much comfort that you are no long in pain. It is comforting to know that at Rainbow Bridge you have great friends, family and a peaceful environment while we wait to see each other again before crossing the bridge together to live for eternity as a family.

The [Rainbow Bridge] story describes a bucolic place “just this side of heaven,” where dogs and cats, bunnies and birds, all live peacefully among the gentle meadows and hills, running and cavorting together in the lush green grass.

They are all young again, in perfect health, and want for nothing – except the humans they loved. One by one, they wait for us at the Bridge, and when our time comes their eyes light up in indescribable joy as we join them, to cross the Rainbow Bridge together.”

Baby-Furr, you provided our family with nearly 15 years of beautiful times, great lifetime memories and your unwavering love. For this, Brandee, Jack and I can never thank you enough.

You entered our lives’ as a scrawny, nearly hair-less, wide-eyed baby at roughly 6 weeks of age. When we first introduced you to our backyard lawn and this thing called ‘grass’ you were frightened beyond belief. Do you remember? After a little time then you became very adjusted to the grass and, in fact, in the warm summer days you would go frolic in the lawn and roll around enjoying the coolness of the grass blades.

In your younger days, you spent much of your time sitting on Brandee’s laptop in our office just watching us work. Remember those nice summer days we spent together working hard together? Do you recall your strange interest in sleeping in Mommy or Daddy’s work chairs in your youth?

After becoming a young-adult, you certainly established your independent spirit that is forever your legacy. Did you know that Mommy setup a Facebook page for you where you became an international sensation with so many people that cared about your every activity? Maybe not since computer keyboards aren’t so conducive for your pretty-paws to type, they are much better for pawtograph’s.

The limited details of your upbringing that Brandee and I hardly even know is that you, as compared to your litter-mates, had to always fight for everything. And this you did well! This includes your early days as a kitten just to get healthy and survive at only a few weeks old. Then you had to fight to protect your naturally-instinctive territory (which was our collective home) where you might get it cat-fights occasionally. Lastly, when Brandee, Jack or I did something awful to you like touch your sensitive-tummy, you would lash-out with a vengeance. Mommy, Daddy and Jack have the scars to prove it! Do you feel that you owe us any apologies? Seriously, none needed, and we now wear these battle scars with as forever memories of your beautiful spunkiness until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

In your seriously rebellious years, you would disappear from dusk ‘till dawn. Mommy and Daddy will never ask wherever, or whatever, you were doing for all these hours each day because you always came home safe to us which was the most important thing in the world to us. Maybe you will share your secret after we all cross Rainbow Bridge together?

Oh, little-baby-furr-of-all-furrs, I will never forget the sweet sounds of Brandee calling you home because it was getting late and nearing your curfew. As you recall, Brandee would go into the backyard, shake a canister of your cat food and bellow, “Here kitty, kitty. Bella, here kitty, kitty. Time to come home.” And, right on cue, you would come prancing like a little princess and have dinner in the house with us.

Bellaringamoskadoody, did you ever really fight hard when we shaved you down like a little lioness for the summertime? We know that you are completely capable of putting up a significant resistance when you wanted to, but you seemed a little tame on these occasions. It seemed that you put-up a fake resistance to us just so that you let us know that you were still the boss. I hope you know Mommy and Daddy only did this for your personal comfort. In fact, we thought you looked quite sexy in your summer outfits.

In your elderly years, Ringin’-of-Rocka, this was actually the most precious of times for me, personally and selfishly. Although you had slowed down to never leave the yard anymore, Brandee, Jack and I got to spend more time with you which was such a precious prize for all of us. Brandee and you became so close that it was absolutely heartwarming to witness. You also were so “cuddly” with Jack and we loved to hold you so tight, so often. It was these past few months of forever moments that I will never forget and that I cherish most.

Our beautiful Bella, in summary, you are terribly missed because you were, and always will be, such an important part of our lives. We have all these questions posed above for you, as well as millions more. Your loving family so much looks forward to the future where we can be with you once again to ask you these questions to your pretty, furry-whiskery face personally as we often did with ‘bella-speak’. It’s such a refreshing thought that eventually we can spend eternity together! We love you SO much for your perfect companionship, wonderful personality as well as spunky spirit.


Love you the most until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge,

Daddy, Mommy and Brother

Kevin Neal Life Update 4/23/2017

Neal Family Update

Brandee, Jack, Bella, the fish and myself continue to live a quiet life during our ‘home time’ together with each other over the past few months. As much as I’d like to share a wonderful story of happiness each time I share one of these Life Update blogs, the truth of the matter is this always can’t be the case.

Bella continues her slow journey to Rainbow Bridge eventually. She continues to have a spunky-spirit, at times and, that alone, motivates me to live out her days however she sees fit without my intervention. Of course, if she becomes in any obvious pain or distress we will certainly not let her suffer. However, until then Brandee, Jack and I are spoiling Bella rotten (as should be). Jack is such a terrific younger brother that senses something is amiss with his sister and he’s such a good boy. Please pray for Bella’s comfort.


Preparing for Summer 2017

In the Neal Family Casa, we absolutely love the summer time, probably like most of you, and we are starting to prepare some fun-in-the-sun come Summer 2017! We have a lot to do include cleaning the pool, preparing the yard and even re-configuring the house for entertaining. We really enjoy it and are looking forward to a great time with family and friends again this year.

Our typical summer consists of many BBQ’s, swimming and friendly socializing. I don’t expect that this year would be too unlike previous years but we must add something special each year. For this year, I think the concept of ‘Fun in the Sun” should be the theme. This simply means that the Neal’s will move our hospitality to pool-side, or close as we can to the pool. Previously our guests had to come into our house to gets items such as refreshing drinks, swim towels or snacks. For Summer 2017, we will move everything poolside to enhance the experience and make everyone’s visit even more enjoyable.


P3iD Cloud Business Update

There have been many significant updates on the business. Firstly, as we promised to potential investors when we officially launched the business on April 25th, 2016, we will act like a public Company with quarterly business updates; which we have done each quarter for the past year.

Secondly, it’s been fantastic to meet with, as well as re-connect with, so many great potential business partners to explore mutual business interests. As a general theme, I think it’s clear that no matter what size of Company you are, or how much resource is available to you or what vertical market you might think you own; the fact of the matter is that not one size fits all. An agile Company such as P3iD Cloud, using modern technology tools with an experienced team is precisely what the market demands. Especially in this era of cloud-computing and web-services mashup.

In this great time of mashup web service applications, the highest quality of Enterprise-type applications can be created in a fraction of the time, with greatly reduced deployment times as well as drastically decreased integration and maintenance costs.

The P3iD Cloud team is excited for the future and have a logo enhancement suggestion. We would like your opinion. Do you prefer the new P3iD Cloud logo of (A) or the current P3iD cloud log of (B)? Please leave your vote below.