The Sound of Silence

enjoy_the_silenceAll too often in our everyday busy lives we get caught-up in life’s daily activities of doing ‘stuff’ and sometimes don’t get a chance to just slow down and reflect.

Recently I’ve experienced many life-changing events that has me reflecting more than ever on my life. These events have made me really think deeply about what is, and what isn’t, important in life

These reflections have been sincere evaluations of my personal character, my actions, my legacy and how I can effect positive change for others.

In the middle of all these life-changing events has been my supportive and wonderful wife, Brandee.

So in casual conversation Brandee mentioned the other day that I should listen to this song by the group Distributed called “The Sound of Silence”. With the song title sounding vaguely familiar to me, I said something to-the-effect of ‘yeah, I think I like that song’. Then, of course, I head right on over to YouTube and find the song.

First, I like the title of the song itself. It’s very ironic. How can Silence have Sound? This is a powerful message and I love it.

Secondly, I like the sound of the song itself. It’s a beautiful mixture of calm and pent-up frustration.

Lastly, upon further research, the meaning of the lyrics makes this one of my all-time favorite songs. I will leave the true interpretation of the song for you. Just Google “The Sound of Silence Lyrics Meaning“.

However, as with most good music, the magic is in the interpretation of the listener. In this case I did not take the literal meaning of the lyrics; rather it applies to my current life situation – and this is a good thing. I feel this song exemplifies what is important to me most right now which is ‘actions’, not ‘words’. The Sound of Silence.

“People talking without speaking”

The Sound of Silence is a song written originally by the group Simon and Garfunkel. What I want to share with you is two cover versions of this song by the group Distributed. For those who might not know, Distributed is known as a hardcore heavy-metal band. However, in both of these videos they provide a powerful acoustic performance. Check them out for yourself as these are wonderfully composed renditions of this song. You will not be disappointed.

This first video is a live performance:

“People writing songs

That voices never share”

 This second video is the official video where you can get more visualization on the true intent of the song: