A busy 2014 Summer planned

The official start of Summer is still about one and a half months away and Brandee and I already have a full schedule of activities planned. I’m exhausted even thinking about everything, but eagerly anticipating on sharing many great memories with family and friends!


bear_tentFor starters we have LOTS of camping trips planned. As I previously posted last year I introduced camping for the first time to Brandee and Jack last year. Little did I know that I have created a camping-monster! I absolutely love the fact that Brandee is so eager for these camping trips. She already has a few calendar dates committed and has begun recruiting others to join us.

Before these summer camping events start a co-worker of mine had actually planned a Spring time trip coming up this weekend. We invested quite a bit of money into new camping gear last year and we are certain to get a full return on our investment this year http://www.kamagraoraljelly247.com.

BBQ time at Casa Neal

bbqWhile yearly Brandee and I host several BBQ summer events at our home each year we strive to do more because everyone seems to genuinely enjoy themselves. I think this year will be particular fun for several reasons. Number one is that we demolished a useless shed in our backyard that was not only an eye-sore but it took up some much valuable space that we can utilize for other purposes. Now we have a nice area 10′ x10′ area of concrete to set up chairs to lounge, tables for snacks or other fun purposes.

As most anyone reading this blog knows Brandee is an absolutely wonderful cook and I think the theme of our Casa Neal events this Summer will be a celebration of food, or something to that effect. I will suggest this to her and maybe each event has a different ethnicity of food? I will leave this up to her as she is an excellent planner.

For one of the unique BBQ themes at Casa Neal I’m going to suggest a ‘working BBQ’. I have a vision that a small group spends the afternoon doing a little (very little) work mixed in with a lot of fun and pool-time. It would be a lot of fun for sure.

That’s all I have as an update for now folks. I will post another quick-hitter update on our Summer plans soon which will include ‘Hunting with Frank’ and a ‘Travel’ update. Please remember to subscribe to KevinNeal.com updates to be notified immediately of new posts.

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