Bella’s injury Sept-14

When I started my blog in 2009 I made a personal commitment to share my life.  The Good, The Bad and some of The Ugly. While I’ve shared many of ‘The Goods’ there must be balance so I would like to share a recent scary recent experience with our cat (aka ‘daughter’), Bella Neal. […]

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Narita Airport (Tokyo) food display

The photo below is fairly typical of most food places in Japan.  They have nice displays like this that makes ordering easy for foreigners.  You just point to what you want!  This was a restaurant in the Narita Airport in Tokyo.


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A celebrity post by Brandee — Kevin and I had a wonderful day. We drove all over and he showed me where he went to school from preschool up to graduation; his entire newspaper route, which was totally impressive; friends homes and the neighborhood he grew up in. We stopped and grabbed a little bite […]

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