‘Wake Up Dead’ – Megadeth (Music Review)


The song ‘Wake Up Dead’ by Megadeth has been a favorite of mine from the first time I heard it.  As the lead track for Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?’ album, ‘Wake Up Dead’ was not the most popular song on the album due to the smashing success of other singles such as the title track, ‘Peace Sells’.  However, ‘Wake Up Dead’ certainly does not disappoint heavy-metal header-banger enthusiasts in the least.

As always Megadeth delivers a great sound for the song that is groovy if you like heavy metal music but this song has particular harmony among the sound and lyrics that is uncanny.  The song itself is a short-story about someone getting home from a late-night of drinking and crawling into bed with a wife that might bit a tad upset (to say the least).

The sound:  While ‘Wake Up Dead’ has all the common attributes of the Megadeth sound, there certainly is a unique rhythm and cadence of this particular song that flows beautifully with the lyrics.  It’s almost as-if Dave Mustaine himself had lived some of these described life events personally:

“I had too much to drink,

Said I was out with the boys,

I creep in my bedroom,

I slip into bed,

I know if I wake her,

I’ll wake up dead”

The lyrics:  The tone and demeanor in which ‘Wake Up Dead’ is performed by Dave is what I personally love about this song.  Definitely check-out some of his YouTube performances if you have a chance because these videos much better capture the spirit of the song.  For some reason to me the word ‘ironic’ wants to be an appropriate one-word description of ‘Wake Up Dead’.

For the great combination of ironic lyrics and incredible sound, the song ‘Wake Up Dead’ by Megadeth deserves highest possible KevinNeal Steeler Star rating of ten-out-of-ten stars!


KISS ‘Room Service’ for 10 hours!

Riddle me this…

Question:  What possibly can be worse than being trapped on an airplane for 10+ hours while you travel overseas?

Answer:  Being subjected to listening to KISS’s Room Service song 10 times is what!!!

When you have a long plane ride obviously you prepare well for a variety of activities such as do some work, read a book, play videos games and listen to the airplane audio track, of course.  So after I was done doing some work, after reading for a bit and then after playing a few video games it was time to chill and listen to the airplane’s classic rock station on my headphones and relax.

kiss dressed to kill_room serviceSo I plug in my headphones, dial-in the classic rock channel and crank-up the volume!  We were off to a great start with Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’, then Neil Young’s ‘Down By The River’ and third was AC/DC’s ‘Hells Bells’.  You would think all was good in my world, right?  Well, it was, until the KISS song ‘Room Service’ started blaring through my headset!

Don’t get me wrong, I love KISS for the most part and have for a long time but this song, which I had never heard before, was the most juvenile attempt at lyrics ever.  I mean seriously, like ever!  The music itself was groovy but even on the first playing of the song I was somewhat applauded at the lyrics.  By the tenth time it played on my 10+ hour flight I was transformed!  Transformed from applauded to a closet-secret lover of this horrible song.

As soon as I came home guess what the first thing I HAD to do?  Take a nap?  No.  Feed the dog?  No.  Get on YouTube and share ‘Room Service’ with the wife?  Yes!

And as she so eloquently put it, “because you had to suffer, I have to suffer?”.  Well, “Yes, of course” was my answer and in the true spirit of sharing I proudly present to you, my loyal KevinNeal.com readers, KISS’s ‘Room Service’:


 “Room Service”

I’m feelin’ low, no place to go
And I’m a-thinking that I’m gonna scream
Because a hotel all alone is not a
Rock and roll star’s dream

But just when I’m about to shut the light and go to bed
A lady calls and asks if I’m too tired or if I’m just to dead for

Room service, baby I could use a meal
Room service, you do what you feel
Room service, I take the pleasure with the pain
I can’t say no

My plane’s delayed and I’m afraid
They’re gonna keep me waiting here till nine
Then a stewardess in a tight blue dress says
“I got the time”

But just as I’m about to take my coat and get my fly
She says “Oh please”, she’s on her knees
And one more time before I leave I get some

Room service, baby I could use a meal
Room service, you do what you feel
Room service, I take the pleasure with the pain
I can’t say no, no

In my home town, I’m hangin’ ’round
With all the ladies treatin’ me real good
A sweet sixteen lookin’ hot and mean says
I wish you would

But just as I’m about to tell her “Yes, I think I can”
I see her dad, he’s getting mad
All the time he knows that I’m in need of

Room service, baby I could use a meal
Room service, you do what you feel
Room service, I take the pleasure with the pain
I can’t say no

Room service, baby I could use a meal
Room service, you do what you feel
Room service, I take the pleasure with the pain
I can’t say no, I can’t say no

Room service, baby I could use a meal
Room service, you do what you feel
Room service, you take the pleasure with the pain
I can’t say no

Room service, well maybe baby, room service

Tower Heist (2011)

tower heist

Tower Heist is worthy of watching and it’s worthy of eight out of a potential ten Steeler Stars so that proves just how worthy this flick is worth watching.  Have I said ‘worthy’ enough already???  Sheesh.

Anyhow, I had no preconceived notions going into this film when Brandee flicked on the Roku.  As the intro’s began to roll I saw that Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy were featured so I immediately downgraded my Steeler Star-rating by two full stars!  While I like both actors too often their movies become too slap-stickish for my tastes, however, Tower Heist was just the right mix of slap-stick but also serious action and drama.  It worked well.

The movie had a lot of big name actors aside from Ben and Eddie including Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda and Judd Hirsch, among others.  I think they all played their characters extremely well and they were absolutely believable.  Most of these guys are known for their previous comedic roles in TV and movies so Tower Heist had the potential to be a corny disaster but it turned out surprisingly well.  There was actually a good plot with many twists-and-turns.  I felt it never went overboard on some of the quite hilarious jokes.  It was simply the right mix.

In the end the combination of good actors, good story writing about corruption and greed, as well as a great moral about finding decency in people packed into this 104 minute entertaining movie makes Tower Heist a wonderful investment of your time.



Network Scanner extravaganza! AIIM 2009

As product manager for the Fujitsu fi-6010N network document scanner I was extremely passionate about my product and never was this more apparent than at our industries largest trade show expedition every year, AIIM.

About AIIM

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the global community of information professionals. We provide the education, research and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud and big data. 

Fujitsu 2009 Tech Suite

For the AIIM 2009 event we had rented a “Technology Suite” which was basically a private, upstairs meeting room which was away from the busyness of the expedition floor itself where you could host quite meetings and display technology solutions in a more relaxed environment.  Our network scanner was still a relatively new device at the time and was also a new market segment for us so it was decided that I could utilize the Tech Suite for whatever type of presentation I wanted to do.  So with the great help of my fellow employees and the fantastic cooperation of our software technology partners we did it up big!

The overall concept was extremely ambitious indeed.  What we planned was to setup a live network showing each one of our existing partner integrations.  There was no hocus-pocus, hypothetical or fake about these demonstrations.  Everything on display was production scan, capture, index and store into a repository.  Below are photos of the nine solutions demonstrated:

aiim 2009 network scanners - 1

1.  Drivve | Image
2.  Marex FileBound
3.  One Touch Global Integration Server (OTIS)

aiim 2009 network scanners - 2

4.  ABBYY TouchTo
5.  ImageTek Inofile
6.  Hyland OnBase

aiim 2009 network scanners - 3

7.  Notable Solutions (NSi) AutoStore
8.  Kofax Document Exchange Server (DES)
9.  KnowlegdeLake Capture

Were you at AIIM 2009 to see the display?  Do you have a comment on any of these solutions?  Which is your favorite?