Jack learns paw-shakin’!

So proud of my son, Jackson Neal, and his new paw-shaking learned trick! He was great and now shakes on-command but this was not easy for him. Touching his paws has been nearly off-limits after he experienced a terrible nail-trim at PetSmart where they cut his nails too short and made him bleed and in […]

Nine Dead (2010) – Movie Review

Nine Dead Review by Brandee Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror Nine Dead starring  Melissa Joan Hart and William Lee Scott, is a movie about nine men and women from all walks of life who awake to find themselves abducted and chained to poles in the proverbial freakadelic room. Professionally, the characters run the gamut from a merchant and a […]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010) – Movie Review

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Review by Brandee Genre: Documentary, Health and Wellness Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead follows the journey of a man, Joe Cross, who has a goal of reaching a healthy weight, ditching all of the medications he is on for high blood pressure and a rare debilitating autoimmune disease called chronic urticaria. […]

Case 39 (2009) – Movie Review

CASE 39 – Reviewed by Brandee Genre- Horror, Mystery, Thriller Case 39 is a movie about a well meaning, over-worked and underpaid child social worker (Zellweger) who reluctantly takes in a young girl (Ferland) who has been assigned to her already heavy case load. The child  is assigned case number 39. Lilith is a young […]