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Black Sabbath concert, Shoreline, Mt. View, CA, August 26, 2013

[UPDATE: 5/17/14] As I listen to some classic Black Sabbath tunes I’m reflecting back to the night I saw Black Sabbath at Shoreline with a few of my friends.  Not only was it great fun with a bunch of awesome … Continue reading

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Movie Review – Quick Hits

Today’s bed-rest movies rated 1-5 stars: 1. Mud- Matthew McConaughey. 4 1/2 stars 2. Frailty- Matthew McConaughey. Powers Booth & Bill Paxton 4 stars 3. Oblivion- Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman 2 stars (major floppage)

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Self-Medicated (2005) – Movie Review

This was a guest movie review post by one of our fans: Brandee Neal This was a pretty good movie that really tugs at your emotions with a story about a Mother-Son relationship. ‘Self-Medicated (2005) Rated: R’ starts by establishing … Continue reading

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The Faculty (1998)

I must admit, this is a film that turned out pretty good for some odd reason.  And please know that when I say ‘good’ it means ‘in comparison to all the other crap I have recently watched’.  You see, on … Continue reading

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