“Fujitsu University” Certificates of Completion

Fujitsu was a terrific company about offering online educational courses to their employees.  I took, and completed, many courses during my employment including, but not limited to, the following topics: C++ Foundation for Non-C Programmers Career Development_Excelling in Your Career Cisco Networking Technologies Introduction Communicating with Difficult People_Working With Difficult Employees Effective Presentations_The Presentation Process […]

Document Capture from the user’s perspective

Sometimes it is not the technology itself that dictates either the success or failure of a particular technology.  I believe that the “user experience” helps drive adoption of a particular technology or ultimately will bring its demise.  Let me give you a few examples. Microsoft Windows:  Ask yourself this question; self:  “Was Windows the most robust […]

Document Scanners in Healthcare (Assisting with HIPAA compliance)

I created a webinar presentation focused on how document scanners can assist with HIPAA compliance in Heatlhcare.  While scanners and capture software themselves can not be classified as automatically making Healthcare organizations officially “HIPAA-compliant”, with the ability to digitize and secure information, capture technology is a great step in the right direction. Scanners contribute to […]

The Importance Of Accuracy In Medical Forms Processing

This is a presentation about some of the important decisions and concepts to consider when implementing a document capture solution for Medical Forms Processing. Topics include form design best practices, new form types used for Medical Forms Processing and getting the most out of your document scanner generic levitra 20mg. The Importance Of Accuracy In […]

Fujitsu fi-5950 Production Document Scanner and Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF)

Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF) is the most versatile way to configure the three Ultrasonic multifeed detection sensors.  This functionality allows operators to configure sensors to intelligently ignore intentionally overlapping items such as taped on receipts, sticky notes or glued photos where these would normally be detected as a double-feed and stop the scanner. Fujitsu fi-5950 […]